Waldorf Rooftop Garden

I really do love this concrete jungle of a city. Maybe it’s the lack of space and lack of green, but living among so much concrete really does make you appreciate the little bits of park and greenery. One of the best parts of the city are these hidden spots on tops of buildings. If you know where to look, you can spot some pretty awesome rooftops from the ground. Little oases sprinkled throughout tallest buildings.
The Waldorf Astoria is home to one of the coolest rooftop gardens. Proper Kid Problems was in town for fashion week and invited Garrett, Mackenzie, Fred, and me to visit the garden. I personally had no idea what to expect… all I knew was that it was also home to thousands of bees.
The group. We dressed up PKP in the finest of the beekeepers’ suits to maintain his anonymity. A fun little group. We learned about the different plants and spent a lot of time smelling the various leaves. Writing that seems bizarre, but they all smelled amazing. The verbena leaves were the absolute best.
The chefs use the plants for different dishes. How cool is that?
Did I mention that it was the most beautiful evening ever?

We got to sample the very last of the strawberries. They were super adorable and just as delicious. 

The beehives all have clever little names like “Presidential Sweet.” I wasn’t too sure how I felt about being surrounded by bees, but they were harmless. Although they’d land on us every now and then.

We all took some of the honey home with us. It was such a perfect late summer night.
Thanks to PKP and the Waldorf for organizing the fun tour!
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