The Best Time of the Year

Ah, it’s officially my favorite time of the year… I love this cooler (not cold) weather. Beyond wearing boots and sweaters, I love this time of year because it’s ideal for outdoor activities with the dogs. I spend a lot of time outdoors with the dogs between our daily walks and trips to the park (we go about three or four times a week).

In the summer though, it’s not too long before they’re panting and done with exercising and in the winter, none of us last very long before we call it quits. Right now though, the weather is, as Goldilocks would say, “just right.”

Mianus Park

This weekend was THE BEST. My friend Haley and I took the dogs to our favorite hiking spot. It can get really crowded, and I don’t love having the dogs running about when there are a lot of bikers. We went at 11 am though and missed the morning and afternoon crowds. We only passed about four other people during our hour-long “hike.” (I call it a hike, but it’s really just a pleasant walk through the woods, haha.)

Prepster Dog

Between being outside and watching the dogs have the time of their lives, it’s a great stress reliever. No better way to spend a Saturday.

Dog Selfie

I took this selfie with Teddy while in the parking lot of Starbucks. His tiny row of teeth absolutely kills me. 


So one of my favorite parts about living in Connecticut is the proximity to the water. So many beaches! Starting October 1, the dogs are allowed at one of our fave beaches, and you better believe that I had a countdown going for it. It is so worth having my car be coated in sand to see them frolicking around. It felt like the whole town was out enjoying the 60 degrees– so many happy people, and happier dogs.

Compo Beach Dog

As much as Teddy loves the woods, I think he’s a total beach bum. (Hamilton just loves to run, he doesn’t care where he is!) He’ll run right into the water with no fear. At one point he plopped down at the water’s edge like a seal.


As you can imagine, the dogs had to take a few days to recover from all the fun. This is a win/win for me as I could work with some peace and quiet on Monday!

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I love reading about your Dogs!!! Teddy seems cool and laid back!!! Ham looks like big ball of energy!


I love fall, and puppy posts! They are seriously the cutest little stuffed-animal looking dogs ever, and I can’t get enough of them =)


Carly, I LOVE those pics and not like you need to be told again but your dogs are SO cute – I cannot handle it.

Shannon Mahaney

Dogs love this cooler weather! It was in the upper 50s Sunday morning here and my dog had the zoomies in our backyard. It was so cute watching him run about.

Your dogs are adorable!

Erin Lewis

The dogs are so adorable! It is definitely one of my favorite times of the year for similar reasons. Those beautiful walks under the changing leaves make my day.