the best way to start a week.

Yes, it’s Friday.  And yes, it’s practically the weekend.
I’ve recently been experiencing what I’ve lovingly nicknamed THE SUNDAY NIGHT FREAKOUT.
No, I’m completely serious.  It’s this sinking feeling of dread.  Sunday morning starts off alright.  Sleep in a bit, check a few things off the never-ending list, drink some coffee.
Then, suddenly, it’s 4pm.  School starts tomorrow!  Practice picks back up!  Homework needs to be completed!  FOUR group projects due!!!  PAPERS!!!!!!!  POWERPOINTS!!!!!!!!  BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!
Catch my drift?
I can honestly say that I feel bad for anyone who has had to deal with me on a Sunday.  (Especially my poor Operations Management group……………)
It’s terrible.
So… moving forward, how can I prepare for a better week?
First, read Prep Talk (insert shameless plug here).
Second, eat blueberry pancakes on Monday morning.  (Calories do not count on Monday mornings.)
Next, plug in your headphones and listen to “The Middle” repeatedly.
Lastly, breathe.

PS Just so everyone is clear- I had an amazing amazing amazing week.  I completely attribute it to my new Monday routine.

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I am quite familiar with the Sunday Night Freak Out. I calm mine by watching Bridal shows on WE and eating chinese food. Then I make sure I get a latte on Monday morning, come hell or high water.

The Aly Way

love this post! i have that feeling every Sunday afternoon, I have to put on music and zone in on homework. although next sunday will be a difficult one, because the Oscars (aka no time for hw while evaluating all the dresses!)
have a good weekend and a productive Sunday,


glad to know im not the only one who suffers from this condition. To help cope with it i do my best to get most of my homework done friday and saturday… yes my social life is lacking at the moment. Monday morning yoga has also helped with the Sunday Night Freak Out!


pancakes are an excellent way to start the week! My grandmother has a great recipe I may put up on my blog. I like reading your blog so much I put it under my must-read blogs!


Really enjoying your blog. It's been a few years since college but since I'll soon be returning for my MA, I have a feeling I'm going to be sounding like you for the next two years.
(Although it would be chocolate chip pancakes rather than blueberry.)