2/14 Recap

Valentine’s day was mostly a blur.
Practice, class, studying, two group projects, doughnuts (whoops).
I kept forgetting that it was even Valentine’s Day!  It was a gorgeous day out, finally warm.  Oh how I wish wish wish I could have just sat outside soaking up the sun.  Even this pale girl misses the sun… that is a sure sign that winter needs to end promptly.
I did not have a Valentine this year. (Have I ever had a Valentine?  No.)  My mom sent me the absolutely PERFECT cupcake card.  It’s just so CP.  It’s really easy to please me when it comes to stationery and notecards!!!
Additionally (oh no, too much time spent writing business reports…..), she sent a NEW GK Designs bracelet to add to my ever-growing stack collection.
Oh, so fabulous.  So February.  So Valentine’s.  So me!!!
I think the rose gold is so so so pretty!!!
Remember, you can get your own Live Your Dreams (or xoxo) cuff bracelet from Sydney Buchanan.
How was your special day???

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It sounds like you had a splendid heart day! Your new bracelet is adorable! Some of my favorite Valentine's treats have been unexpected surprises from my mom or sisters! This year my sister sent me a little package and my mom made me a calendar! My beau and I spent our 4th heart day together and he cooked for me and prepared a really sweet and romantic dinner! It was quite lovely!


I received that card as well! I LOVE cupcakes so it's perfect for me. They make cupcake cards for different holidays! Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day. You deserve it!


I assume you already know…but just in case – Kate Spade is having a sample sale until Feb 18th 11:59 PM up to 75% off 🙂


Well Miss Carly, it just turns out that the "live your dreams" and the "xoxo" bracelet are both of the ones I've had my eye on! Now I just need an excuse to buy it for myself (for find an even better excuse for someone to buy it for me!) Also, that cupcake card is adorable… your mom is too cute!


rosegold is my fave! i celebrated valentines day early, the bf was on call on monday. we went out to a low key dinner…and had donuts for desert! have a lovely day 🙂 xoxo jcd