Guest Post: Mackenzie from Design Darling

[College Prep Sidenote: Mackenzie and I did not discuss our post ideas… the similarities only attest to our true true true blogging connection!]
I’m Mackenzie from Design Darling and I’m thrilled to be blog swapping with Carly today. Please stop by my blog to check out her post!
Carly and I bonded over the fact that we both balance blogging with college. As a senior at Bucknell University, I’m getting ready to swap classes for full-time employment, a challenge that fortunately requires a new-and-improved wardrobe. Having interned for prep icons Ralph Lauren and Jonathan Adler, I thought it would be fun to discuss a few essentials of the preppy young professional!

The preppy nine-to-fiver knows you don’t need to don a pinstriped skirt suit to look the part. (Phew!) Conservative silhouettes in unexpected colors — cap-toe flats updated with a shot of pink or the conservative shift dress tied with a grosgrain bow — are a must for keeping your look professional and your outlook bright. Transform your basic white button-down by pairing it with a citrusy skirt and a statement necklace. You’ll create a look that’s office-appropriate, attention-getting, and totally your own.

First jobs also mean first apartments — and you know better than to just recreate your former dorm room! Say good bye to the movie posters and hello to preppy accents that complement your taste in clothes: needlepoint accessories, shiny lacquer, and a summery print. Your first apartment will be just as fabulous as your new-and-improved wardrobe!
Thank you, Carly, for having me here today; you’ve been a most delightful hostess! Remember to pop over to Design Darling to read Carly’s post.

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Awwwww! Two of my fave sweeties! This is so perfect and I love your advice. I wish I could have been one of your college roomies – oh what fun we could have had! 😉 Popping over to visit Miss Carly now. Smooch to you both! xoxx -Trishy


I love this! I just entered the "real world" this year and I hated the thought of wearing black/ grey/ brown every day! Luckily my mom is a colorful lady, and has always worn bright things to work, so I learned from her and never shy away from color!

Chic Geek

So happy to have found your blog via design darling! I'm curious, what program did you use to create your wardrobe pics? I use polyvore but you seem to have so much more room with the format that you used!

Thanks so much! I look forward to reading more of your blog

Roxy Te

love Mackenzie and her wardrobe to first apartment edits! Equally loved your wardrobe staples over at Design Darling! Great job, ladies and cheers to your senior year!


I needed this post yesterday! Ironically I had an interview yesterday afternoon and was searching high and low for some business casual dress posts for inspiration.

So glad I have some more help in the future now from both of y'all's posts!