A short and sweet post today! I bought myself two “presents” for myself. I usually splurge on something at the end of the year for myself and I didn’t do it. We’ve had so many celebratory moments mixed in with the overall 2020 doom and gloom and I just couldn’t even think about anything I wanted.

For my birthday though, I did end up settling on two things that feel special and that I’m genuinely excited about. (To be clear, I wouldn’t have purchased any gift for myself if that wasn’t the case though, ha! I try not to buy just for the sake of buying.)

Originally, I was thinking about a different but similar ring. I spotted this one though and loved it so much. I prefer the symmetry for starters, but I also thought it was a sweet little symbolism for our new family of three (Mike, Jack, and me). My ring size is on backorder, but I cannot wait for it to arrive!!


And then this is a sweet little bracelet. I am saying this is for my birthday though I’m pretty sure I would have purchased it anyway! I wanted something simple with Jack’s name or initials and found these very affordable name bracelets.


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I gasped when I saw that ring! It’s gorgeous!!! You def deserve this after having a baby. 😘congratulations again!! He is precious.


Love the name bracelet! Will be ordering two for my son’s names! Thanks for sharing. Ring is gorgeous too, congrats!