Oh man what a week. It’s been great and awful at the same time. We are very much “cocooned” right now in newborn bliss, but obviously there’s been a lot of terrible news both globally and locally happening. During the day, I feel pretty shielded from it as I try to survive from Jack’s nap to nap and then at night I find myself doom-scrolling on my phone while I nurse. I don’t even know what to say besides to just send love to everyone right now. There’s a lot to be worried about around the world and around the country… I hope you’re able to seek out some light.

Here are a few things on my radar this week:

ONE // Knit Dress for Girls

I spotted this beyond darling knit dress for little girls. It’s a splurge for a child, of course, but I had to share it regardless. Does it not look like a real life Molly McIntire outfit?! Honestly wish there was some kind of grown up version too for fall…. I would buy it in a heartbeat. (There’s a super cute baby dress as well!)

TWO // Custom Starbucks Fall Drinks

Starbucks released their fall drinks this week and I’ve been seeing everyone drive through to get their fall flavored fix. I’m not a huge fan of the PSL unfortunately– but I’m totally here for any and all pumpkin flavored pastries! I’ve been seeing so many posts on social about how to customize your fave Starbucks drinks with fall flavors. This is an older post from Starbucks with some fun suggestions you can try or use as jumping off points!

THREE // J. Crew Factory New Arrivals

If you are looking for some great transitional pieces for pre-fall, highly recommend checking out J. Crew Factory’s latest batch of new arrivalsSoooo many cute things. I’m really feeling this corduroy ruffle shirtdress!

FOUR // Spencer Trailer

Oh my god this movie trailer for Spencer looks incredible. Kristen Stewart seems to totally embody Princess Diana…. it’s a little freaky how spot on it is. The movie is about one weekend in Diana’s life (December 1991) and comes out this November. I can’t wait!

FIVE // Morgan Harper Nichols

Another plug for Morgan Harper Nichols. I love following MHN on Instagram and read her daily app every day as part of my morning routine. With everything going on in the world, I find her posts and her art and her words so comforting. Just wanted to share it again in case you’ve been craving or searching for something similar.

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Eileen McAllister

Thanks for telling us about Morgan Harper Nichols. Listened to a few podcasts and she is wonderful! Like her, I’m an enneagram Five and I’ve ordered her 40 day devotional on being a Five. I know I will love reading it! I struggle with what is going on today in this world and my anxiety is always on high alert. Always looking to find peace, so thanks again!


TERRIBLE news week. Just keep cocooning because it’s ugly out here. Sending hugs to my Texas friends.