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Yesterday I did not post on here and on my social. Instead, I took the day to reflect and learn and listen. As a white woman, I know I have more to do to help amplify Black people, voices, and businesses, but I also think it’s important that it doesn’t become a “performance” or just a moment of time. On Saturday, I posted on Instagram that I hadn’t done a good enough job being anti-racist and speaking out. I promise to do better without also pretending like I’m some expert on the matter. (I am not.) It’s my commitment to you that I am listening and I am learning to be and do better. Thought I wanted to share some Black women to follow/read/buy from.


Chimamanda is a Nigerian author. I read and loved Americanah last year. The story is about two Nigerian teenagers who end up going down to completely paths. Ifemelu goes to the United States for college and Obinze ends up in London as an undocumented immigrant. The story was so powerful and highlight different issues Black people face in the United States and abroad. I also went down a rabbit hole of watching Chimimanda speak at different events and Ted Talks; I’ll personally be adding more of her books into my reading lists.


This business is specific to bloggers and influencers, but I’ve been working with Chloe Digital since 2016 and I have known Chloe Watts (the Chloe of Chloe Digital) even longer. If you’re already a blogger or want to create a blog, I can’t recommend CD’s services more. They can do everything for you… from setting up the website, to migrating your website between different platforms, and even monitoring it for tech issues. (The best is that if your site goes down, you have guaranteed support 24/7!!!) They also are just a great resource for learning more about the digital space for influencers.


I say this all the time but one of the best parts about blogging is how many people I have been able to meet. I met Cierra while I was in DC! She did the 1 Girl: 5 Outfits takeover on my blog. She has been such a champion of my blog and I want to do the same for hers. One thing that I admire the most about Cierra is how dedicated she is to personal development– she isn’t afraid to push herself and share her journey authentically. (A great example is that she had been training for a 5k and even though it was canceled, she still went out there and did the race herself!)


These are HANDBLOWN pastel colored glasswares. I bought these mint green champagne coupes. After seeing how beautiful the glasses look lined up, I know it won’t be my last purchase…


I started following Danielle this week on Instagram. She has been posting a lot of really helpful things and I liked learning from her perspective. She have some great articles (and resources) saved to her highlights that are worth going through if you missed her stories. Danielle posts about body positivity, fashion, and fitness. (And she loves to read and meditate too!!)


Wow. Kamie… I met her on a trip with Elizabeth Arden two falls ago. She has a big personality and a big heart, not to mention she is strikingly beautiful. Oh and she recently got named the co-host of MTV’s Catfish!!! I have learned a lot from Kamie from her stories and I’m really grateful she’s been sharing them. She also shares some amazing beauty recommendations (you should see her beauty closet, it’s unreal).


Last fall, I discovered Madame de la Maison (founded by Ajiri Aki) at a creative camp. She is an American living in France and oh my word her finds are drool-worthy. She sells linens and vintage pieces to create gorgeous tablescapes. And if you live in Paris, you can rent collections of dishes for events and parties too.


Paula from Hill House Vintage is a breath of fresh air on my feed. I look forward to her posts and stories… always curious to know what she’s up to. I’m obsessed with her style. Vintage and classic, ultra feminine! And her home is truly something else. It looks like something out of a story book.


If you’re into sewing, you have to follow Tabitha Sewer (she has a Youtube, a website, and an Instagram). She’s definitely on the more advanced side of things (like check out this Hei Hei costume she made…. holy cow it’s amazing) but I think she has a ton of work that can serve as inspiration. And she shares helpful beginner tips too.


The Tiny Tassel, founded by Mimi Striplin, is filled with colorful goodies. I placed a big order this week. I couldn’t narrow down what I wanted so I was like, whatever I’ll get it all!! These little earrings, a rainbow check headband (handmade by her mom!), and this beaded tassel charm. Oh and she also sells colorful and cute face masks.


Venita is the real deal. You may have seen her working with various brands because she is a stunning model. She’s a great follow for petite fashion and Venita is also the creative director of her own creative agency– I love seeing the behind the scenes content of the shoots she produces.

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Carly, I’ve been following your blog since you were in college and never commented. I’ve been so impressed by how you’ve been posting and reflecting and learning and contributing during COVID and during this. Thank you for amplifying Black voices and for sharing Black creators and for using your platform to clearly vocalize that Black lives matter.


Hey Carly! Just wanted to say how much I love these businesses! I’ve been browsing them with my morning coffee 😁 and I’d love to see more businesses in future posts too! Thanks for sharing!


What a great roundup, I’m excited to add these talented and beautiful ladies to my feed and their wares to my shopping cart. I have been so impressed by you lately and really appreciate all you are doing – it means more than you know!


Thank you for this!! I started following Paula of Hill House on your recommendation – she is darling and a breath of fresh air! Also loved Americanah!! Great book and so well written.


I follow several of these influencers on Instagram and yet they rarely show up on my feed. I don’t think Instagram does enough to be inclusive.

Alexa Marsh

I love this, Carly! I can’t wait to check out these creators. I love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – she is an incredible storyteller! I read her novel Half of a Yellow Sun and really want to read Americanah and We Should All Be Feminists. I also listened to her podcast about the danger of the single story, and it was so insightful and interesting.


I recommend listening to We Should All Be Feminists, Chimamanda narrates it herself!

Becca Barnes

Can’t wait to check these out! I appreciate you sharing and look to you as a guiding light during this much needed time in our country.


I’ve been searching for a new mask to find, and found the CUTEST ones on The Tiny Tassel’s shop. Thanks for sharing about her shop — can’t wait to wear my new lemon mask. 🙂


Thank you for sharing about these awesome women! It’s great to share their work because I really do feel like the industry is very whitewashed, and I have seen so many people share the work of great Black creators on blogs and on Instagram and it’s awesome. Thank you for doing this Carly!

Julia x
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Eve in TX

I love your approach of lifting each other and promoting others in your field! Such a smart and powerful way to make a difference! I’ve followed you for several years and clicked on each of the links you shared today and their sites and they are great! Paula and Cierra were my favorites and these ladies will be on my regular morning rotation for coffee / reading thanks to you! Love from BigD!


Thank you so much for sharing! Followed a few of these ladies and just placed an order from the Tiny Tassel! So many fun, beautiful items I would have never known about.


What a great roundup up smart, creative and beautiful women! Thanks for highlighting them.


Thank you for sharing these! I’ve been hunting for blue glassware since a trip to Paris years ago, and Estelle Colored Glass makes some that are perfect!!


Thank you for using your platform, Carly 🙂 I love Adichie, and first read her work in a college english class. I would 100% recommend reading her book called The Thing Around Your Neck. It is a collection of short stories, and I think you would enjoy the read because she writes so beautifully about hard subjects.


Great round up Carly! As a new equestrian myself I am def going to follow Danille.

Brianna Rooney

CARLY! those glasses, I have sent them to no short of 15 people today. I want to register for them for my wedding, they blow the “basic” ones on my registry out of the water. I now have a new go to gift!! Thanks for this!

Grace K.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Paula for a few years now—she is one of my favorite accounts to follow. Always gracious, funny, and elegant, she shares her English countryside life so wonderfully. I love her morning walks on Stories accompanied by her dog Coco and beautiful music.

Lovely post, Carly. I’m excited to explore these other accounts.


Thank you for sharing these wonderful women and using your platform Carly. The last few days has been so eye opening.


Thanks Carly – I think this is my favourite post of yours in the 10+ years I’ve been following. Thank you for educating yourself, encouraging your readers to do so, and doing so in more than a performative way. I really hope that you can continue to weave these brands and bloggers into your posts/round-ups going forward. Xx


Thanks, Carly. I appreciate your list because you have a personal connection to most, and you had already been following many on the list!