Face Masks (Update: Sold Out!)

Today’s the day! I have been working on creating fifty face masks to fundraise for No Kid Hungry and making even more to donate locally. When it became clear months ago that hospitals wouldn’t have enough PPE for medical professionals, my heart broke. How horrible to have doctors and nurses helping people without proper protection to keep themselves safe.

At that point, I hadn’t really done anything with my sewing machine. I had purchased it in the fall of 2019 and had grand plans of using it, but found myself fairly intimidated by the whole thing. I had gone to a sewing camp once in elementary school and I was rusty to say the least. I washed cotton fabric I had planned on making a dress out and fired up my machine. I couldn’t for the life of me get it the stitches to come out normally and I broke down feeling even more helpless. (In my defense this was like Week 1 of lockdown when everything felt so new.) A reader helped me sort out the tension issue (THANK YOU, KAY!) and then I was off. It was a bit of a learning curve, but who would have thought that sewing face masks of all things during a pandemic would be the thing that would ignite my adventures in sewing?

It soon became a reality that everyone, not just medical professionals, would be wearing masks while in public for the foreseeable. I made some for Mike and me and his family and local friends. I wanted a way to give back even more though. I’ve made fifty reversible masks that I think are super cute if I do say so myself. I played around with different fabric combinations and thought this was something I’d want to wear the most and hopefully you too ☺️

I only made fifty so I imagine they’re going to sell out pretty quickly. I’m sorry I can’t make one for every single person! I wish I could. I will be doing a round up of places where you can buy a face mask later this week, if you didn’t get the chance to scoop up one of the ones I made.

[UPDATE: They already sold out. Thank you! We raised $1250 for No Kid Hungry & $1250 for Black Girl Ventures!]


ALL revenue from masks will be donated to No Kid Hungry and for every mask sold I will be donating an additional one to FLAG. And I’ve decided to personally match the money raised as an additional donation to Black Girl Ventures.

The masks are one size and designed to fit most women. If you order one and for whatever reason it’s too big or small, just reach out and I’ll make sure I get you one that fits properly. Also want to highlight that these are simple masks, so no nose wire and no pocket for filters. You can hand or machine wash.

PS If you want to make your own if these sell out, this is the pattern and video instructions for this particular style. 

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Danielle Janay

I’m so happy I could snag one of these!! Even my boyfriend said it was beautiful lol. Thank you so much for the patterns and tutorials you’ve shared, I was able to donate about 25 masks to a local children’s hospital. And thank you for supporting Black Girl Ventures, I think its a great cause and I respect you and appreciate you supporting lives like mine 🖤🤎


Thank you Carly! I just scooped one of your very cute masks. What a awesome way to give back to people in great need💝


This is fantastic you were able to raise so much money! I hopped on at 6am PST to buy one but oops too late. Thank you for doing this, sharing, and donating.


Hi Carly – congratulations on your engagement! I’m sorry to have missed out on purchasing one of these pretty masks. Have you found anything very similar to yours but with a metal nose bridge sewn in? My husband doesn’t want me wearing one without a snug nose fit. Thank you!