Blackout Day 2020

Today is Blackout Day. The day is about economically supporting Black owned businesses. I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve recently purchased that might interest you as well. This is obviously not an exhaustive list– just sharing things I have personally purchased recently!

DIANE HILL DESIGN // I cannot get over Diane Hill’s talent. She’s based in the UK and creates gorgeous chinoiserie artwork. I purchased the iPhone case above and two of her prints.

THE TINY TASSEL // EVERYTHING Mimi does is so cute and if you love my blog, you’ll love her stuff too! Very cute and colorful. I love the Camellia earrings– they’re a subtle statement earring (very lightweight!) and these tassel charms!

BLACK BOOKSTORES // Today would be a perfect day to purchase a book written by a Black author from a local Black-owned bookstore.

TRACY HERVY CERAMICS // Grace sent Mike and me one of Tracy Hervy’s beautiful vases as an engagement gift. I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful it is in person. Even though it’s simple, it’s so elegant that it makes a big statement!

ESTELLE COLORED GLASS // I purchased these champagne coupes and cannot wait for them to arrive! I honestly want to fill a whole shelf of them!

DECADENT MINIS // Hold onto your hats… this Etsy shop is filled with tiny amazing doll-house creations. Like hello, a scented birthday cake?!?! Too good. Ordered a unicorn necklace for a unicorn loving little girl!

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Thank you for this list and your continued Allyson and efforts on changing the narrative!


Love the Tiny Tassel! Recently purchased a pair of flamingo statement earrings!


You posting about this is so wonderful! Thank you for keeping the Black Lives Matter movement integrated into your content. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is appreciative. 🙂