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Summer Weight Sweater

I talk about this a lot, but I love sweaters. Because I mostly grew up in Florida, sweaters were very impractical. We had a handful of “sweater weather” days, but they were more like “sweater morning weather” days because more often by not by 2pm it’d be warm enough. When I went to college, buying sweaters for cooler DC days was a thrill. That thrill never went away. You know how women say they’re either a “handbag woman” or a “shoe woman”? Well I’m a sweater woman– they’re my weakness.

How cute is this summer-weight cardigan? I love that it’s cropped and boxy– perfect for just throwing on. I think it’d look great over a bathing suit, with a flirty dress, or with a camisole and jeans. It’s a little grandma and maybe that’s why I love it so much!

(Didn’t even realize Teddy snuck into these photos! The boys have been loving the porch lately since they can lounge in the shade!)

Cardigan // V-Neck Shirt // Shorts // Sneakers

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Are you purposely trying to make it look like you’re invisible? I cannot believe you think this looks good.


Maybe visit another blog that’s more your style and leave your unnecessary comments there instead. It’s a win-win for us and you. I really would like to read Carly’s blog that’s an escape in the mornings while I start my day without seeing your negativity. 🙂 Have a great day!


I never thought about being a sweater women but I totally am. I’m always so excited at the beginning of fall when I can pull out all my cozy sweaters!


Ma’am, this passage is a hot mess, “… but they were more like “sweater morning weather” days because more often by not by 2pm it’d be warm enough.” Please edit for clarity.


I’m a professional editor and this blog is not a newspaper, so she doesn’t need to edit for clarity. It has something called personality, which is what makes writing great. It’s why people love reading different authors. Jane Austen is famous because her writing style is unique 🙂

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” – Pride and Prejudice

That sentence is much better to read instead of something more simpler: Wealthy men want to get married.


Hey Carly,

I am from Montreal , Canada and I feel you on this , I am a “sweater weather” woman. I love your style, your blog and your IG. It’s good to see someone authentic on social media.

Must say I am surprise by all the means comments. People can be so rude… My mom’s favorite saying is : If you don’t have anything nice to say , then don’t say anything. (in French it sound cooler 😉)


Carly! Love how you can rock a beautiful dress one day and a casual outfit the next! The lighting in these pictures are amazing! Love how Teddy snuck in.


Hi Carly!

Can you recommend if the sweater runs true to size? the J Crew website seems to say it runs a bit large, but I was hoping for your take. Thank you!


It’s a boxier more forgiving fit. So definitely runs “big” but I think on purpose. I’m wearing my usual size (xs) and wouldn’t go up or down

Josephine Frisicano

Love that sweater. Very cute! I’m also a sweater person who has a million sweaters. LOL!

Kathryn W

I love a neutral monochromatic look! Way to make this look summer-cute and non-drab. Cheers 🙂