Blog Swap with Hopsy!

It is Hopsy from Monograms and Manicures here and I am SO excited to be doing a blog swap with the delightful Carly today! If you read my blog you already know I LOVE to shop and am all about the gift giving. While presentation is always important the gift within is too. This holiday season I have come across so many fun items for the loved ones in my life, so many that it has actually been a tad bit overwhelming. In hopes of helping you check things of your list, as well as my own, I have narrowed down today’s gift list to my favorites (click on all photos to be taken to gift homepage):

Warmest wishes to you and yours this holiday season! May the all your days be merry and bright and your shopping expeditions FUN!

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Wow, those are really expensive gift ideas.

$70 for Styrofoam cups? Um, not in a million years. $120 for an ipad case? No thanks. $170 for a tray for your boss? Um?

Cute bracelet and cupcake maker… those are more within reasonable price ranges. 🙂

Beantown Prepster

SO funny! We got E the cupcake maker! Also- $120 for an iPad case doesn't seem like that much when you've spent around 500/600 dollars for the dang thing! I don't think that's bad AT all Hops.


The bf is getting a new pair of wayfarers this year for Christmas. . . maybe I'll check out the Brooks Brothers ones! Thanks for the great ideas. 😉