I just love saying that!!!
Here’s the deal. is the newest best thing ever.  I have way too much fun with it!!!  (I have set limits on how much time I can spend on it during “study breaks.”)
Take a peak at all sorts of clothes and accessories and shoes that I’m absolutely lusting over.  You can “stalk” a bunch of fashion bloggers and see what they’re into at the moment!
Sign up as a Beta user with this code: The_College_PrepsterObsessed
I only have a certain number available so sign up quickly…. 
Sweet Lemon Magazine is on the site as well!!!
(Hint: more access codes too, Sweet_Lemon_MagazineObsessed)

Have fun “stalking” me!!!
PS Monday afternoon update… Just got 200 more invites!!!

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Thank you Collegeprepster! This is really neat. I really like this format. I haven't tried Pinterest and from what I hear, it's quite complicated. Thanks again. Good luck with finals! Megan