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Last weekend, I went to the Social Learning Summit at American University. In short, it was a social media conference. I had a blast! There’s something so great about being in an environment where everyone is into the same type of thing as you!!! Everyone’s techy and nerdy and totally into social media… it’s fun. We walked in and were instantly encouraged to check in to the event using FourSquare. Instant fans.
Allen and me in between a panel…. I mean, hello, we’re matching!

I was on a panel! I always get a little nervous about speaking “live.” I’m used to being able to delete text, rearrange sentences, and edit in general. (Also, I’m totally guilty of mispronouncing words!!!) You know you’re at a nerdy (in the best possible way) social media conference where you’re encouraged to tweet and speak simultaneously!

Action shot courtesy of Gabbi! I had a lot of fun.
Of course, I learned a ton at the conference. I was learning about new apps and new ways to use apps I already use. I had my iPad with me and was trying to keep up by pulling up websites and bookmarking them as speakers mentioned them.
If I had to share just one takeaway from the conference, it would be about résumés in a digital age. Obviously, you should be on LinkedIn and utilizing the various tools/resources on there. But someone on the panel (a new friend, in fact… we bonded over cats) suggested having a digital résumé. She made hers on Pinterest…. but I’ve had an ongoing one that I use as a supplement to my regular résumé!  I use a simple format on Tumblr and use it collect articles, interviews, and various “portfolio” pieces.
While she was speaking, I sent her an Instagram of mine! (When I tell you that this conference was HIGH on social media… I mean it!)
Whatever platform you use, I think having a digital portfolio of sorts is a great way to have everything linked together in one place. Employers can click directly to your work!
While we’re on the subject of résumés……… should you or shouldn’t you include your blog. I’ve been reviewing applications that we got for Sweet Lemon through LinkedIn. Some people linked their blogs, and while it seems great, it’s just actually not that great.
Here’s my opinion, and it’s obviously not expert by any means… if you’re curious about what you should do, definitely speak with a career counselor!
If your blog is more personal, don’t include the actual URL… but you might want to add under “Skills” or something about how you know how to use Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, or whatever. You can say that you’re into social media and know how to use it without having to include your blog.
If you want to include your blog, or plan on including your blog… make sure the content will HELP you and not HURT you. If it’s filled with images pulled from Pinterest, you’re not actually showing what you can do! If you have pictures from sorority socials with costumes frequently on the blog, take them down. Another thing to be wary of is infrequent posting. A couple of applications had blogs that had been inactive for a month and others had posts super sporadically.
Of course, blogging can (and should be) fun. But if you’re using it in a professional sense, don’t let it hurt your chances of getting the job!
What are your thoughts on digital résumés and including blogs?
PS Don’t assume that because you didn’t include a blog URL that the employer will never see it!

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I have been seeing more people create digital resumes with Prezi lately, which is certainly on trend with technology.

lauren @ la petite fashionista

i've included my blog on resumes and it's definitely helped! i was surprised/happy to see that interviews had visited it and were impressed with my ability to capture and convey trends. Like you said, i think it certainly depends on the content.


Thanks for the advice about whether or not to include your blog on your resume. My dad keeps urging me to put my blog on my resume, but at this time it's more personal. Maybe that will change as soon as I find my "niche".

Sounds like you had fun at the conference!


I went back and forth on this for a long time when I was finalizing my resume. I was told one thing from one professor, something else from the other & didn't know what to do! I ended up putting it on there since it shows product reviews, my opinions, etc. I had a phone interview and they actually found it while I was on the phone- it was a good thing. They asked me specifics about stuff and it made me a little more comfortable to talk about something I enjoy so much 🙂 (and yes, they found it with no URL- so great advice!!)


I had never thought of doing a digital resume through Tumblr or Pinterest… that's a great idea! I'll definitely have to use that one; so many jobs that I've been applying for have asked for digital portfolios and my 3-ring binder isn't much help when it comes to that.


What a GREAT post!

I work in non-profit and have been filling a sick leave position for the past almost year and a half. I'm currently re-working my resume and portfolio and never even thought to have a digital portfolio! What a great idea/advice! Thanks =)

Personally, I don't think I would include my blog url on my resume. I do list "social media specialist" on my resume/LinkedIn profile and list all of the platforms I have a "working knowledge" of.

Summer Wind

Great post! Weebly is another great option for online resumes!

I am totally in agreeance on whether or not you should include your blog– I have so many different forms of my resume it is crazy. I think it is important to tailor your resume for the type of position that you are applying for but also have a set resume that you can hand out to most anyone that you meet.

I've honestly never had any professionals discourage me from using my blog, though, so I usually do…I've even had several job offers come from just my blog which is really neat!

Great tips Carly!


I've been thinking about the digital portfolio (so to speak) lately, and I feel like your post affirmed for me that it's definitely useful to have one. Great points, and I'm glad you had such a good time at SLS!


I've heard many times online that you shouldn't put a blog on a resume, but actually just last week I was meeting with my internship counselor about applying for internships and she told me to include my blog url. I'm applying for beauty internships and it's a nail art blog so the content is relatable, I wouldn't include it on just any resume.


If you have any extra time (a luxury, I know!), could you list some of the apps and/or websites mentioned? I would love to increase my productivity on my iPad, and I'm sure some of those apps would be exactly what I'm looking for.

Or, if there is a website where I can get info from this conference, could you direct me?



If you have any extra time (a luxury, I know!), could you list some of the apps and/or websites mentioned? I would love to increase my productivity on my iPad, and I'm sure some of those apps would be exactly what I'm looking for.

Or, if there is a website where I can get info from this conference, could you direct me?