I’ve been thinking about starting a journal… especially since I’m about to make a huge transition. I’d like to be able to read what I’m going through five, ten, and twenty-five years from now.
But, I’m terrible at keeping journals. I mean, between College Prep, my Tumblr, my Twitter, and Prep Talk… I basically have a journal. Even some of my emails and gchat conversations could be considered some serious journal entries. 
I would like a little bit more of a personal reflection. You know what I mean? There are thoughts and fears and other emotions that I want to be able to capture, remember, and record.
Does anyone else journal? Do you have any tips, tricks, or advice?
Also, truth be told, I also want to journal because I love the way journals look. I would be hesitant to decide to do a digital journal because it might feel too much like blogging for me. I would need to do something in a hard copy. I’m under the impression that actually writing my thoughts versus typing them.
I think I could manage this “One Line a Day” journal could work for me since the commitment level is lower. But I think I would run into the problem of not capturing my real emotions.
I love fabric covered journals, they’re gorgeous and pretty and everything a journal should be. The floral print on this one is super great.
This Orla Kiely journal is a little bit more fun. The hardcover is a good option for me since it would travel better and hold up when thrown in a bag.
Who doesn’t love the quirky Archie Grand notebooks? They crack me up. Totally worth collecting, let alone writing in!
You can’t go wrong with a classic Moleskin!

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Prep International

I've got the orange archie grand for J.Crew , and it's awesome. My tip is to make it a habit , and develop a love for it. I write down almost everything that happens, funny, sad, silly stupid things. And at the end of the month,I read them in a comfortable and relaxing area. It's quite funny some of the things you do when you're not thinking properly 🙂

Caitlin C.

I love that floral patterned one! I journaled throughout high school and it's so much fun to go back and read what I was thinking. Unfortunately, I haven't had time in college, but I really want to start when I graduate. You will definitely appreciate it when you're older!


I have the "One Line A Day" journal that you posted! I just started writing in it but I really like it. My mom has kept a journal my whole life where she just writes down what she did that day, the best moments of our days, etc. She will text me all the time and tell me funny things that happened that day in the past! I like this journal because I'm way too impatient to write more than a few sentences, but I can still have a journal I keep for years to come.

Dallas Shaw

I buy journals all of the time b/c I think they are pretty, and I never use them. They look nice on my dresser though?



I've now had a journal for almost 4 years now (from senior year of HS to now). There have been times where I'll go a week without writing because I'm swamped with school/life but it's so worth it. I have this little motto, "Time and Place." Commit to a time and a place where you can write. It doesn't have to be long period of time at all! 15 minutes will do! But, it's great to put everything down on paper to gain perspective and later on in life it's always awesome to go back and read everything!


I also have the One Line a Day journal and love it! Sometimes I don't have the time for a whole journal entry and a sentence or two makes you really think about what was important that day. I've been using it for a over a year, and I've been able to read my sentences from a year ago. While it may not seem like a lot (one sentence is pretty small), just reading it takes me back to what I was doing and how I felt at that time. I love it!


I've been writing in a journal since middle school and it's so much fun to look back and see what I was thinking at certain points. I think the key for me is to avoid setting schedules or specific times for writing and just tell myself I can write in it whenever I want. That way, I don't feel like it's a chore and I'm more likely to use it. I don't write in it everyday, but at least with this method I've written pretty consistently over the years.

Courtney Elizabeth

I am a sporadic journaler. I recently picked up a beautiful gold leather-ish journal on sale at Anthropologie, but I have told myself I can't start that one until I fill up one of the other journals I have lying around. It's an effective motivator! 🙂


I have that exact Archie Grand! Its my "idea journal"

I've kept "journals" when I study abroad and such. I find the best ones to red through years later are ones kept with friends, which is an odd thing to do usually. I always kept it in my purse and if I wanted to write something I did, if my friend wanted to write something they did. If we got bored there would be conversations, games played, and doodles. They are SO much fun to go back and red through!!


I use the One Line A Day journal and I love it- I don't really write about my emotions in there, I have other journals if I feel like I need to write something out- but it's a fun way to look back through each year and see what you were doing on that day…especially the big stuff!


I had a giant obsession with journals or "diaries" as I liked to call them growing up. I have probably 10 unfished books full of silly childish notes. 🙂 They're fun to go back and read.

I still have several journals- I adore worn look journals- journals that look like they've seen more life than I have 🙂


Eat Cake


I used to use the One Line a Day but I found I would skip too many days when I got super busy and then it's just not worth it. So I've been using a moleskin and treat it like a line-a-day, that way there's no wasted space. And then if something happens that requires more than a few lines, I have the space to!


I have an online diary (and have had it for 11+ years), which I love.

Between all of my online activities, work and my social life, I don't have much time for journaling. But like you, I like the look (and feel) of an actual journal and I enjoy the act of actually writing.

I thought about doing a one line journal, but I didn't think it would work for me. So…I started a High/Low Journal- each day write the high and low of your day. I find it to be pretty simple, easy and a great journal style for myself.


I strongly recommend the "One Line a Day" journal! I ADORE mine and it's so easy to keep up with, even with a super-packed schedule. I haven't had any issues being authentic with my emotions in it and you'd be surprised how much you can actually fit in each entry! Besides, it's so cool thinking that in 5 years I can see exactly how my days changed!
p.s. Below is the link to a post on the "One Line a Day" journal I wrote for my blog!

Katie's Bliss

I love cute journals! I kept one while I was abroad in South Africa and it was such a great keepsake when I returned 🙂

stephanie l.w.

LOOOOVE the Archie Grand books! They are my favorite to write in as their pages are soooo smooth to write on, sharpies don't bleed through, and they're compact enough to fit in any bag.


I think the Archie Grand ones are adorable! I honestly don't keep a consistent journal, but every now and then things get so bottled up that I rant in my old Composition notebook.

Southern Girl in the Bull City

I think you need to be realistic in your journaling. I'm in grad school and it's hard for me to find time to journal so I set the bar low, once a week. What I do is journal prompts. I find it boring to talk about what happened that week so I pick something to write about like "Write about your name"; "Write about your life in 10 years"; "Write about a dinner party and all the guest you'd have dead or alive". It sounds so dumb but I promise it's a great way to have fun and it will bring you back around to what is happening in your life. Its a more creative and fun way to talk about what's happening in your life. Also, when you have written some you can go back a read and see if a word sticks out to you and write about the word like "courage" "silly" etc. The way I write isn't for everyone but it works for me. As for the journal you use, I use the MoleSkins in pink. One is for the Psalms and one if for just regular journaling. They're thin and smallish so I can take them just about anywhere. I hope it helps, and remember one journal entry once every two weeks is better than none 🙂


I also agree with this journal. I look forward to each day as you said. I cannot wait until next year so I can start comparing my life.


I've kept a journal on and off since I was a teenager, and I think it's extremely valuable. Granted, sometimes I read what my thirteen year old self wrote and gag, but it's still fun to know what you were like then and see the events that helped shaped you.
One piece of advice though is to make sure you don't end up writing only when you're stressed or upset. Make a point to document the really good days too!

Mari L.

Hi CP,

If you want to really Journal, i. e. capture your thoughts, feelings and emotions, then pen to page everyday is the only way! Just came out with a free ebook of 143 Journal Prompts.
Let me know how I can help.



Hi Carly! I've been journaling since I was old enough to write! I incorporate writing either into my night or morning routine (depending on my schedule). That way, I know I have time set aside during the day to write an entry.