The Levo League

Here’s the story:
I went up to New York City a month or so ago for a conference. I was with three friends from GW at lunch when one of the girls was invited to go to the office that she was interning for over the summer. To be honest, I had no idea what was going on, but tagged along with my friends.
After a short cab ride, we arrived. It ended up being one of the best afternoons. I was introduced to The Levo League.

Being in the same room as of these women was amazing. We sat around one of the desks and talked. A lot. (I even went on my infamous “Pinterest Rant.”) The simple act of talking about and sharing our personal experiences and opinions had a profound effect. I had the basic gist of what their mission was for the website, but even without all the details, I knew it was going to be a BIG thing just from their passion and “realness.”

I am one of those people who “catches” other people’s enthusiasm. I have most certainly caught the enthusiasm of The Levo League!

Here is a video of Amanda and Caroline, the founders, talking about The Levo League.

Once you sign up, you have to be accepted into the community before getting full access… it doesn’t take very long, but it assures that the website is full of great individuals!
Once you’re in, you can prepare yourself to find all kinds of great resources. From job listings to career advice to relevant lifestyle articles… it’s on there! My favorite part is called “Office Hours.” The Office Hour segments are LIVE video streaming interviews with incredibly inspiring women in business. I had time one Thursday to join in and it was SO cool. I felt like I was sitting one-on-one with Susan Lyne (of Gilt Groupe).
Seriously so much fun!
The website itself is really interactive:
How cute is the office???
I definitely recommend signing up and joining the Levo League community!

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