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I’m always looking for inspiration. I try to get work done in inspiring environments; I surround myself by inspiring people; and I read and watch inspiring books, films, and videos.
While I’m not one to “idolize,” I do find learning about other people’s stories to be a great source of inspiration (especially those who have been extraordinarily successful). This is why I love Levo League’s Office Hours and Ted Talks so much! I do love going to conferences and other types of speeches, but there’s something about being able to listen to a podcast or watch a recording exactly when you need that extra boost. (I tend to listen to something as I’m getting ready in the morning. Let me tell you, it’s a lot more inspiring to listen to a Ted talk than it is to listen to the latest Carrie Diaries.)
I spent a huge chunk of this weekend working. As much as I love a fun, scheduled to the minute weekend with friends… having two days to just sit by myself and crank out a great deal of work is amazing in its own way. Saturday night, I was feeling like my energy and enthusiasm tanks were running a bit low. Instead of turning on (yet another) episode of Mad Men, I found this amazing series on Netflix.
Bloomberg Game Changers is great. Every episode focuses on one person who has a) had a great deal of success and b) done things a little differently.
The series is real. In that, it focuses on the highs AND the lows… something that I feel gets glossed over by most other documentaries. You see all the great things that comes with success and also some of the negatives. The length is also perfect. You can watch one and get your fix or you can (like me) watch a bunch in a row without getting bored. Each episode interviews people who have been in the person’s life (business partners, ex-employees, personal assistants, etc.). 
As I mentioned, the series shows the the highs and lows. I am way more interested (and learn a lot more) from hearing how these people have overcome serious challenges. One thing is clear: each of these game changers has taken risks, and each have failed… but they have all succeeded overall. Without the risk, there is no gain.
Often, I find myself afraid to do something because I’m afraid of failing. Yet, these men and women take the risks and EMBRACE the failures. Each failure teaches a lesson which (almost always) leads to the greater success.
The series is a must see!!! Queue these up in your Netflix!
I watched:

What documentaries (or series) fuel your inspiration and drive?

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me ;)

i love your page!!! keep up the great work Carly.

leighton meester 😉

i loved the post about me 😉


I get inspired by pretty much anything. At the moment I'm currently reading Queen of Fashion by Caroline Weber and its a really good book and also you inspire me as well. Keep up with the good work!!

Megan Bos

I'm always looking for new recommendations and this one looks awesome!
My favorite podcast is Freakonomics- based on the books they always talk about really interesting things happening in the news and how the economy ties into that!