Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating today!
I don’t personally celebrate Easter (although the Easter Bunny did send a package filled with candy…). However, the holiday most certainly marks a turning point in colors at the very least for me. Pastels and spring-y colors are now most certainly welcomed (and encouraged) in one’s outfits.
While I tend to look terrible in pastels (thank you pasty skin), I do have some fun when it comes to nail polishes. My favorite color for spring? Essie’s “Fun in the Gondola.”
Essie describes it as “a soft creamy mauve.” Depending on your skin tone, what you’re wearing, and the lighting it can look anywhere from bubblegum pink to lavenderish purple. I don’t really like “mauve,” so I’m not sure if it’s the most accurate description. It’s definitely just a fun color. Perfect for the month of April. You can also safely wear this to work without looking like you have crazy, somewhat cheesy Easter egg nails. It’s sophisticated and fun!
What’s your favorite go-to nail polish for spring?

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I'm fair skinned too and pastels can be tough – I definitely need to try out this nail polish!


Esssie's "eternal optimist" is a rose color that looks great all throughout the year for me. I love it!