Now that I’m out of school and working in the Real World, my style has certainly changed. It is also definitely influenced by the fact that I live in NYC. I’m sure that the city in which you live impacts your day-to-day style at least marginally. It’s a combination of the weather, the atmosphere, and the general vibe of the city. There are things that I can pull off in Florida no problem, and look plain silly here.
Plus, even though I work at a tech startup (aka we can basically wear whatever floats our boat…), I do dress up more than I did for class. Having discretionary money to spend on clothes is also pretty fun. Or dangerous, depending on how you look at it.
It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Diane von Furstenberg. First of all, I think she’s just an incredibly inspiring woman. I love how she supports women. We really just can’t have enough of that in this world… especially now. Secondly, her prints and patterns and signature dresses are just amazing. Bottom line: she’s amazing.
Be the woman you want to be. – DVF

This is the video that really started my fascination with Diane von Furstenberg. I, of course, knew of her and knew about her wrap dresses particularly. But, it’s clear that she’s incredible. Her willingness to participate in something so clearly cutting edge is what really did it for me. I definitely get goosebumps every time I watch this. (Her gold coin simply taped on her shoe? So sweet.) 
So, as I’ve been redefining (or maybe, rather, discovering) my own style, I’ve been finding myself continuously drawn to DVF. The clothes are just the right combination of fun and bold, young but polished.

With more and more nights out (especially now that it’s finally warming up and staying lighter longer), I need more dresses for fun!

Again, we’re pretty casual at Levo League and we can choose to wear things that fit our own styles. I love seeing what everyone wears to work every morning because everyone is SO different. That blazer is so perfect and the dress is a great “Carly” option for work!
Is there a brand that speaks to you for more than the clothes?

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