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Confession: I’ve fallen behind on my reading. I’ve been on a serious non-fiction kick lately and those books, as much as I love them, take me longer to get through. Regardless, I am always looking for book recommendations. I kind of like all genres, but I need good books. If I’m sitting down to relax, I want to really enjoy what I’m reading! That’s why I think the blog “Go Book Yourself” is so awesome. It recommends books based on what you already like.

TWO // The True Story Of Kid President
Yea. We’ve all seen the videos. They rock. The kid is hilarious and adorable. But this video is probably the best one yet. I’ve always wondered who was behind the genius viral series. I kind of assumed that the kid was an actor. NOPE. Seriously… Now I like the videos even more and I didn’t think that was possible!
Some of my favorite memories from childhood take place in the backyard of our home in Massachusetts. From piecing together makeshift see-saws from old logs to doing endless “skin the cats” on the playset to building tunnels in the snow or picking wild berries. My next door neighbors play sports, but they’re very much organized. Backyards are paved over and iPads are protected with massive-kid-safe cases so television shows and games can be played anywhere. I love his idea and really want to see the full documentary.
Maybe it’s a little overdone nowadays (so much advice for twenty somethings… so little time), but I really liked this one. (That could also be because this week was particularly trying.) I can relate to his advice so much, but what normally frustrates me, I now see in a new light. Normally, I think “I’ll be happy when…” and it happens and I’m already sprinting off to the next #thing. It’s exhausting and can almost feel unfulfilling because I’m checking things off and judging myself against an unbeatable system. I’ll be happy when I write a book, or start a magazine, or move to the city, or get a job, or make this much money, or land that deal, or make this happen, or reach this number….. and it goes on and on. I’ve done all those things and yet, there’s this unquenchable thirst for more. I’ve normally thought about this as a plague, only adding to the frustration… but now it definitely seems more like a blessing.

FIVE // This Skype ad made me cry…

Goosebumps, tears, smiles… They really nailed it. Yes, I did also include something about getting rid of screen time, but this is a good juxtaposition for the benefits of technology! I am SO thankful for Skype and use it all the time for both personal and professional purposes: To talk to my dear friends across the country and to meet with people who don’t live in the city. A must watch.

What’s on your radar this week?


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Kolbi Gray

I too need to catch up on my reading. I have terribly slacked off with it. It's awful. I also have this new found love for Kid President after seeing this. Great links! Definitely sharing this post!
Kolbi | Life With Kolbi


I cried while watching the skype ad 🙂 it's really touching! and I'm so happy for the girls to have finally met.


I don't ever cry over anything, but that Skype ad is bringin' out some serious tears! My best friend lives in Canada and I only get to see her every few years so that's what I thought about when they hugged for the first time. :')

Also, thank you for the Advice for twenty-somethings. I'm the same way; I am guilty of doing this both short-term and long-term. "Oh, I'll be happy when my tests are over this week. When the semester is over and I can go home. Next year in graduate school. When I'm a licensed child psychologist. When I'm married." etc. etc. However, it feels like I'm never satisfied. I never reach that place where I feel like, "Ahh… now this is a good spot in life." I might have to read that blog post EVERY DAY so I'm reminded to embrace my last year of college and the present moment.

On my radar:! Seriously, they have this Alice in Wonderland planner that looks like a book (I'm obsessed…). Also this:

Mana Smith

I am so excited about finding out what your secret project is. And I love Skype and Facetime, one of my dearest friends lives very far away, but then again I have another close friend that lives super far away and we usually have phone marathons.

Fashion and Happy Things

Kate Nappi

That Skype video was too sweet, and really shows how amazing the technology is. Also, if you are in a fiction Hunger Games/ Delirium mood, you should read Divergent for sure. It is another one of those future society books, it has you at the edge of your seat yet is an easy and quick read.

Dede Akiti

I'll have to check out "Go Book Yourself", but you should also try! They recommend books for you based on books you've already read. I have doubled the amount of books I've read over the past year cause of that website, and they have an iPhone app!