Cute Rain Boots

Phew! It’s really getting better every day. Thank you everyone for advice, suggestions, words of encouragement, links, stories, books, etc. So helpful, and so appreciated.
You know the saying about having a full plate? I think I have quite a few plates lined up… too many. My number one personal challenge from now until New Year’s is to say No more. Because I’ve been saying Yes to too much and my personal sanity is suffering. Whoops. You live and you learn, right? I’m majorly learning that I simply cannot do everything.
It’s been quite dark this week with the sun setting so early, but it was even darker today because it was stormy. Rawr. Perfect excuse for staying close to home, wearing cozy fleece, and hiding away in cafes to get some work done.
I just had to share my new, absolutely adorable rain boots that Joules sent me. I typically dread rainy days (in the city without a car in the rain is not fun), but I’ve been simply dying to take these boots out for a spin. TODAY WAS THE DAY!
What is your favorite thing to do on rainy days?


PS Check out all of Joules’ cute rainboots and their amazing collection of vests!

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Those are to die for! Also NYC was awful today! It felt all nice and florida-humid in the morning, but then turned dark and stormy. Perfect day for wellies though!
-Legally Blogger


Love the new blog design!! Haha the ribbons are cute but not very practical for rain ;P


omg these have been on my wishlist for ages, but i'm wary of the leg opening. I think it might be too large for my spindly twig legs! Info please!


I just got a pair of Dav rain boots that lace up in the back. I'm in love with them. I keep hoping it will rain for more than a couple of minutes so that I can get a chance to wear them.

Paige Tobin

I feel like the bow is horrendously impractical… grosgrain isn't exactly waterproof. They're certainly cute, but a rubber bow at the back would have been charming as well and wouldn't soak up rainwater like a sponge.

Megan Bos

Joules is awesome! I first heard about them from being a part of the horse world- you should really look into some of their other products, they all have really great little details, like mixmatched buttons, that really make a polo or fleece that much better!


I love the bows on Joules wellies! I have some of their wellibobs and they are perfect for drizzly morning when you don't want to be wearing wellies all day!