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After months (literally months) of reading The Goldfinch, I finally finished it. The verdict? I liked the book, but didn’t love it and wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. While extremely well-written and full of beautiful prose, I just couldn’t get through it. Some parts read better than others. There were a couple of times when I breezed through 100 pages only to find myself struggling through the next 75.
It was almost more of a relief to finally read the last page (and it really did end beautifully). I was craving a quick read and wasn’t disappointed by Wild. A quick read, but amazing! I love memoirs and stories of triumph, this was a little both, but also more.
It’s essentially about the author’s journey as she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail to find herself. Frankly, it sounded extremely cheesy to me at first, but so many people recommended it so I decided to give it a go. The perfect blend of personal reflection, cooky characters, victory & misery, and a healthy dose of humor every now and then.
I couldn’t help but cheer for Cheryl and imagine what I would do in her shoes boots. I can’t say I’ll ever be signing up for such an adventure as hers, but I really was inspired by her story and journey. Aren’t we all trying to find ourselves just a little bit? To what lengths would we go?
Cheryl Strayed was only a little bit older than I am now when she embarked on the trail. (In case you’re wondering the PCT is a trail that goes from Mexico to Canada…) I’ve never camped and I’m not outdoorsy and the thought of losing my toenails makes me queasy. Add in the fact that she was a young woman almost completely alone? Sheesh. Serious girl power there.
If you’re looking for a great and quick read with some real substance, this is for you. 


PS It’s going to be made into a film… starring Reese Witherspoon. Already can’t wait!

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Mary Erickson

I really liked the book but the first chapter was very weird to read because I'm from Rochester, MN and I didn't know that before I read it so it was a bit of a shock when I came across it for the first time! Funny how that happens!


Thanks for the suggestion! I really want to read this one before I see the movie! I've always loved Reese Witherspoon!

Dani Fairbairn

I thought about reading The Goldfinch but all of the reviews say the same thing you did. Some parts are really good and then other parts are a struggle to read. I just started reading, Breakfast Served Anytime. I like it so far, it's a good easy summer read. Wild sounds like a book that I would love too. The description kind of reminds me of the movie The Way, which I highly recommend!

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3 Peanuts

I read Wild too. I liked the book but I had a hard time liking the author in the beginning. She made such foolish and selfish choices. It drove me nuts. I felt like she had no moral compass. I just could not relate to that at all. I am still glad I read it though.

Dave and I went to see The fault in our stars yesterday. I LOVED that book and had doubt the movie could hold true to the book but ti really did. It was so good.

A memoir I really enjoyed this year was called Making Toast. It is an easy read and the style is a bit different. Very well written.

Lindsay Felix

This was one of my favorite books because her relationship she describes having with her mother is identical to how my mom and I feel about each other, put into words. It's an interesting journey and not a book for everyone but definitely worth a try! Hoping the movie doesn't disappoint (I know the author has been very involved)!


I have been debating whether or not to read this book for the past few months. I don't think I will read it, but if it was turned into a movie I would see it. Have you read Me Before You yet? It is fantastic and it definitely doesn't drag on.

Mika P.

I appreciate your honesty about the Goldfinch- I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to read it (considering it got good and bad reviews) but I don't want to have to struggle to get through pages, so I'm just going to pick a different book- there are so many other choices (:


Have you seen the BBC list of books to read through? There are 100 on there and all are classics! If you want a book that isn't a classic, I suggest one by Lahiri called Unaccustomed Earth. It's fantastic!
– Michelle


I totally agree with what you said on The Goldfinch…it took me forever to finish and I was so bored for the most part of reading it. It was beautifully written…but that's it! Not sure why everyoneee loves it.

xx Kelsey –

Mana Smith

I definitely need to add this book to my TBR list. It sounds so interesting. I've not had any interest in the Goldfinch, so I'll stay away from that. I was feeling like I should read it because everyone was so interested in it but I think I'll skip it.

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