Win Some, Lose Some

If I were to sum up the weekend, I would say that I did some things I planned, forgo a lot of things I needed to do, and had a couple of unexpected surprises.
It started super early on Saturday with a walk in Central Park with Victoria (Little V from my Georgetown days!) who was in town from the UK and who has never been to the park! We played with Teddy for a while, caught up on each other’s lives as we walked, and then met up with our friend Ali from college. (Ali was an honorary third roommate when we lived together my junior year, spending the night with us more often than not!) I’ve officially decided that every meal should be outside from now until the first snowfall. 

Garrett’s mom and her friend were in town so it was super nice to meet them and (of course) have lunch outside. We had what I would consider the perfect Saturday afternoon: slow, full of food, and just the right amount of laziness. And then a surprise trip to Broadway to see If/Then. It was kind of amazing to see Idina Menzel perform live. She’s amazing. (And Anthony Rapp– Mark from RENT.)
Then I shattered my iPhone for the second time this week. So technically I shattered the brand new phone I had just reprogramed 72 hours before. Woo…

This morning we took a frightened Teddy on the subway downtown. I have to say, today felt like the first real summer day in the city. The kind of suffocating heat trapped between buildings, where you’re simultaneously melting from the sun directly above and the relentless pavement that acts as a frying pan. I loved every minute of it. Seriously, I went straight home and changed out of the shirt I thought was a good idea and opted for a little tank top. And then marched right on over to Central Park. I sat (in the shade) and read and ate a sandwich (and a cookie) and I’m pretty sure I was the happiest person in NYC.
I eventually made my way back to my apartment and found myself in a windows-open-under-the-covers-still-in-my-clothes nap. (Please tell me you know how amazing these kinds of naps are?!) Dinner al fresco, OITNB marathon, and Ben & Jerry’s to wrap up the weekend.. perfection.

Things that I needed to do, but didn’t:
Return four packages that have been sitting on my kitchen table all week
Organize the shoes that are in a massive pile by my front door
Clean and do laundry (… I opted to just buy more underwear instead.)
Open my inbox, let alone respond to any emails
Worry about that stupid estimated quarterly taxes check I recently just sent off
Eat healthily (that’s what Mondays are for, right?)
An amazing, hodge-podge of a weekend… and one where I’m turning into bed with the fullest of hearts!

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Maureen McCarthy

Oh my goodness, can I have your weekend please?! Sounds like perfection. I'm reading Mindy Kaling's book too! By the way, I love this type of post!:) Hope you have a great week!

Lattes & Law

"I opted to just buy more underwear instead" — this made me laugh so hard! I'm in the middle of finals at the moment and just did the same thing!

alaina shea

What a perfect weekend! Time outside, food, and relaxing are what weekends are FOR! You can do all the other stuff during the week instead 😉

Meagan Roll

Reading about this weekend of yours makes me wanna pack a bag and catch the next flight to NYC, if only to lunch and stroll the park!


this is how my weekend went too – so fun and full of activity, but my things i did not do list is quite similar 🙂

Mana Smith

Teddy is so cute and fluffy! And it sounds like you had the best weekend. I'm terrible with keeping up with my Laundry, it just seems to multiply. But Lazy Summer days are the best. I get half of what I'm supposed to do done in the summer.

Fashion and Happy Things

allison notari

Yesss!!! Someone else finally appreciated If/Then as much as I do!! I saw it in April with my friend (we opted for NYC weekend trip over prom) and her dad surprised us with front row seats! Being that close to Idina was surreal. (Also wasn't expecting "What the f*ck") hahaha
Wishing I lived on the UES with my two little maltipoos (I know Tallulah would LOVE to play with Teddy!!). 🙂
-Allison, Winter Park FL