Chinos and Chambray

If I were to wear one thing for the rest of the summer… and if it was too hot for white jeans), I would definitely be wearing chino shorts and chambray shirts (currently 25% off!). 
I probably wear a combination of this every week. (Good thing I have tons of chino shorts!) My chambray shirt has been washed so many times in the years since I bought that I’m honestly shocked it is still in one piece. It’s kind of a go-to for everyday outfits, but I particularly like it with chino shorts. Sometimes I’ll tie the bottom into a little bow/knot if I want to look a little bit cuter and other times I’ll just let the shirt tails hang down, untucked.
Anyone else a chino short fan?!

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Andrea Ruiz

They are really my summer uniform! I once saw ones in Zara for 10€ (around $14) and I couldn't help but grab those chinos in all three available colors 🙂 And they've never failed me!
xx Andy at savor each bite

Cecilia Padron

I am a huge fan of J Crew's chinos. Personally I prefer the 4in shorts just because I feel the 3 in are too short on me. All the colors are so cute and summery!


I got my first pair of chinos this spring, and I love them! They're comfy and don't look too short on my long legs. I love how they look with a chambray shirt!


Ali Henriques

Haha so I own at least 5 pairs of the J. Crew Factory chino shorts, 4 of which are of the 5" inseam variety because I realized I like that length better personally. I have them in the periwinkle blue (Oxford chinos), bright green (which goes super well with navy and/or white for an adorably preppy look), navy blue (classic), a green motif print pair (for fun), and gray. The 3" shorts are the gray ones, but I prefer the 5" for going to class because it feels a little more appropriate to me, but living in Gainesville, FL and taking classes over the summer means it's probably time for me to get another pair in a different color because they've become my uniform for going to class because it's SO HOT! Anyway, good post, I like the combination! 🙂

Caroline White

I adore J.Crew chinos! I'm not exaggerating when I say I have 20 (or more) pairs! They are the only shorts I wear (besides monogrammed norts, of course)!

Jessica Mezo

I don't know what it is about Chambray and Chino, but they just seem to go together. They are probably the perfect lazy summer look – just throw them on with a tank underneath and a pair of cute shoes and sunnies, and you're ready for anything the day throws at you. I definitely need to pick up some of both.

Tory Banknell

I have no idea where I would be without my J.Crew chinos. I was wondering how often I would be able to get away with them in the city but when those dreaded 90-100 degree days hit I doubt I'll even care.

Juliet Terrill

I have a long torso and the higher-waisted style of the J Crew chino shorts always hit me at the wrong spot. Does anyone have any similar suggestions?


Jessica Wuensch

I lovelovelove the J.Crew Chino shorts. I actually stumbled across them when I had to buy khaki shorts for my summer job, but I have since then converted to them being my staple shorts for summer. I love the look with a chambray shirt, particularly with my chambray popover!