Bow Sleeve Sweater

Remember my January spending freeze? Well, I broke it on February first by buying this sweater. I haven’t purchased any other clothes since (I’m feeling pretty proud of myself…), but I just had to have this one. I think that’s been my favorite part about the freeze. Now when I buy something it’s because I reallllllllly want it.

It also makes what I buy feel more special because it’s not one piece in a large shopping trip. It’s making me be more creative with my closet and I hope you’re enjoying seeing some of my favorite pieces re-worn and re-styled. It’s a little tricky as a fashion blogger, but it also feels refreshing.

Carly Heitlinger

Right before I saw this sweater for the first time, I saw this little blazer on Nordstrom. I was crushed when it was $2,800, or maybe just flabbergasted. Then an hour later, I saw this sweater and considering it’s under $100, it felt like it was meant to be!

Draper James

I’m definitely going to wear it in a casual way and I think it will be cute in the summer, too, with espadrilles. For the photos, I paired it with a skirt I got from Uniqlo last year. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available; I found a similar full navy skirt that would be just as cute.

Draper James Bow Sleeve Sweater

How absolutely darling are those ribbon sleeves and ruffled collar?

Carly Prepster

Bow Sleeve Sweater (under $100!) // Similar Skirt // Ballet Flats // Earrings (on sale!)

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Sydney Paulsen

You’re just too darling, Carly!! I had my own January spending freeze, and you’re right–it’s extra fun to shop now because I’m only looking for things that I really, truly want to add to my closet. Love you in this sweater!


Adorable! Omg. Also I am loving the continued spending semi-freeze. After the holidays, I was just feeling like consumerism and fashion were a never-ending hamster wheel. So I loved my January spending free experience and am actually still doing it indefinitely (way easier for someone who’s not a fashion blogger I’m sure!). So I really really appreciate your approach these days…I hadn’t realized how much I needed it, but it’s actually so satisfying to create outfits out of pieces already in your closet! 100% on board.

But also, that sweater is amazing and a very good buy haha. Love those sleeves!


I have to say I really love that you have been recycling your wardrobe. I am on a (mostly) no-buy year so it’s inspiring to see someone else utilizing what is in their closet. Also, since the clothes are so classic, it’s fascinating how you can wear one piece several ways.

That said, this sweater is adorable. The looks you put together are amazing!

Lauren Young

I just gave up buying clothes for Lent…so I can relate to how you probably felt during your spending freeze! I absolutely love Draper James though, and just bought their solid scallop skirt before Lent began. You look adorable!