Bright Lights

Everyone (right, it’s not just me?) is sitting on the edge of their seats for spring. Despite the near-freezing temperatures, I’ve been on a mission to wear my ballet flats more. If nothing else, I burn a few extra calories because I end up speed walking to get home– and inside– quicker!
I think it’s all this talk about snow or something. And the fact that I was semi-convinced that I was going to wake up on March 1 to blooming flowers and a warmer sun. That simply did not happen. I’m kind of over the whole boots and puffer jackets thing.
So I’ve got BRIGHT colors on my mind. I’m quite thankful that the neon thing didn’t end. When I was at Georgetown, I wrote this post about how neon was making a comeback. One of my professors read that post and brought it up in front of the entire class and made a remark about the 80s or something. I think he thought I was insane. Well, whatever. Neon rocks.
I tried this Kate Spade dress on a few weeks ago and I simply cannot get it out of my head. I go back to the Instagram photo every now and to admire the beautiful neon tweed.
Are you into the neon trend?

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I'm so glad neon isn't going away-love your picks! I've got both the pink and yellow neon Cambridge Satchels. They're the PERFECT neon item to own.

Josephine Hoang

I'm totally into neon as well! I love those terry flats with the neon cap. My favorites are also neon nail polish colors!



umm I love that dress. and I'm pumped about neon sticking around for a while as well. Ignore that professor, I find teachers who pick on students like that to be a bit tiring.

Vina Smith

I've been persistently wearing ballet flats for the past few days… My poor feet have been freezing! But it's been worth it 🙂



I like your picks even though I'm not a big fan of neon – I might have to pick up one or two of those pieces! I like it in small doses to accentuate neutrals.

As for March 1 being spring – I totally agree with you. I just came home from spring break and am staying with my boyfriend…and only have spring clothes here. eeeeeek


I don't really like neon, but I too like your picks… the skirt especially. An accent is good, for instance on the flats with the pink toe. But I do not wear bright colors.


I'm loving neon pink and blue and to an extent orange, but I just cannot get on the neon yellow and green train. Mostly because I look super sickly in those colors haha.

Love that dress on you! You should get it, if you didn't already 🙂

Katie McC

Oh yes! I own so many neon things! I have bags, shoes, shirts, and jewelry. I love anything bright, so jumping on the neon trend was a no brainier. And since I live in Florida, I like we have neon all year round. Especially swimsuits, I don't think I own one that isn't hot yellow or pink.