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As part of my 2013 goals, I broke down the year by month. I was really ready to get through February. I hardly made it out unscathed. (Ha.)
But it’s a new month. (Thank goodness.) March is all about writing, which I’m both excited about and a little nervous. Writing, in my opinion, is literally one of the most raw and real things you can do. I have a million and a half thoughts running through my head at any given moment. (I seriously feel bad for the girls who sit next to me at work…. eep!)

Writing though forces me to sort through the thoughts. I discover new things about myself and I can make more sense of what’s happening… what’s going on… what I’m feeling… 
It’s funny because I never used to like to write. I mean, I would do the writing assignments in school, but it was never my thing. I would throw together papers that I knew would get an “A,” but I wouldn’t put any more effort than what was required. Math made sense. There was a correct answer. I knew that if I sorted through the numbers and made use of formulas, I could get to that right answer. It wasn’t always simple, but that problem solving while close to a game, was impersonal. And that made it simple in another way I guess.
Until my freshman year at Georgetown, I just didn’t understand the benefits of writing. I kind of thought it was a waste of time. Then, writing became my lifeline to sanity. With everything around me feeling so up in the air (life, friends, college, accounting), I was grasping at anything I could. Writing went from something that I had to do to something that I wanted to do. Actually, I had to do it. Before I struggled with writing because there wasn’t a correct answer and then that’s what ultimately made it work for me in the end. There might have been a correct way to do a journal entry for accounting, but no one was telling me that my actual journal writing was wrong. It felt wonderful and safe in a world of chaos and uncertainty. 
However, I still think writing is hard. It’s hard to weave through the pinballing thoughts. It’s hard to let go of “right.” It’s hard to read back what you wrote. It’s hard to make things real. And it’s even harder if someone else reads what you put out there.
70% of what I write never gets read. (Not even by myself.) If I can get it down on paper (or typed on a screen), I can get the floating thoughts out of my head. Sometimes that’s good enough. Just the act of writing feels good and makes things good.
As for the rest that actually gets read, I find it to be exhilarating, liberating, and downright scary!!! I mean, writing is like a one way conversation. You collect your thoughts and then put yourself out there.

rifle paper co notebooks

But in the end it’s worth it. Through writing you can share new ideas and personal stories. You can express challenging emotions and connect with people on a uniquely personal level.
Do you write?


PS One of my biggest projects for the month is wrapping up the first draft of my second book. It’s been really difficult to get this one started and even harder to maintain momentum.

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Real College Student of Atlanta

Yes — writing keeps me sane because I too constantly have thoughts rushing through my head! Also working on another book, but it's a challenge just figuring out what direction to go in… Best of luck with your writing! <3

Morgan Paige

I write…often. I always, always, always have thoughts going HAYWIRE in my brain and I have to jot them down. Like you, I have so many things that I've written that people will never see…I mean NEVER. I find so much comfort in the post because it makes me realize I'm not alone! Thank you!!


Love this post! Yes! I am such a writer, but like you, I didn't really understand the benefit of it until recently. I've always loved writing, but essays squashed that a bit. There's something so satisfying about giving order to thoughts on a page…it's a sort of math for racing thoughts.

Nicole LeBoydre

I've just started a blog and every time a press that button 'publish' I get such a thrill but I also feel sick to my stomach…putting yourself out there is one of the bravest yet hardest and rewarding things to do.
Your doing a great job!


I write all the time, both for my blog and for work and it turns out I'm a perpetual keyboard abuser.I tend to bang on the keys as I write. My whole family makes fun of me and I'm sure I drive the girl that sits next to me at work nuts.


I've always wanted to write a book. I even have an outline… but it just stays hidden away on my computer's hard drive. I often think about it, but I haven't made any concrete efforts to actually write it. Maybe someday 🙂

Ashley Rizzardo

I do love writing. I am constantly thinking of what to write for my blog, I keep a journal of everything I don't put in my blog but I just need to write down. It's the best way for me to get all of my feelings and problems out of my head because I am not the kind of person to openly talk about what's going on. It's fun in some aspects and in others it is a kind of therapy for me.

<3 Ashley


I love writing! Though I hate being forced to write like in class. I'm mostly a science kinda girl but science writing drives me nuts and doesn't let me explore my creative writing side much, which was the reason I started a blog!


Writing has been a compulsion of mine since I was very young. I have filled something like 15 notebooks by now and it's nice to be able to go back at read my thoughts now and then. Good luck with that second book! It's definitely a lot tougher to write for an audience than for yourself!

Cardigans and Chai

Writing is something I love to do, and I wish I was a little bit more confident about! I'm perfectly fine writing in a stream of consciousness for blog posts, but when it comes to writing books and seminar papers I tend to stress a little too much! I was never much for creative writing, and I'm still really not sure that I could ever write anything fictional. I'm interested to know what your second book will be about!

Sarah Morris

Funny because for me, in college, writing has been the thing I am good at and love, which made me stay AWAY from math and numbers! Haha!

As I continued through my undergraduate education and took on other professional experiences (through internships and such) I discovered the necessity to distinguish academic writing from journal/blog/etc. writing. It is very different! This may sound obvious but you won't know it, or become better at it, until you really practice it. And more "casual" writing still has to be grammatically correct and professional, but it still has the similar intentions of academic writing (appeal, organization, reaching an audience, etc.)

Thank you for this post Carly! I'm sure I'm not the only one that would say your writing (blog) is definitely a pleasure to read each day with the real, raw and relatable feeling it gives me.



As a PR/advertising major, I'm basically forced to write constantly, which I don't really actually mind. But writing for work/school and writing for yourself are two completely different things. Writing is very raw, and it can be scary to look back and read all of the intense feelings you were having. A few friends of mine keep encouraging me to write a book because I have a very good story worth sharing, but it scares me and I'm not sure where to even begin. Good luck on your writing this month, be passionate!


Katie McC

I never used to write either besides for school assignments. And even those I hated to write because they made me follow such a strict format. It wasn't until I got to college and was opened up to the blogging world. I was always so so bad at writing, but it's just because I never had practice or enjoyed it. One of my first big writing internships was for CollegeFashionista and I owe it to that for really helping me to start shaping my writing, plus blogging and other writing gigs on the side. The more I write, the more I love it and I never ever thought I would admit that. Writing about what I know really helps me to because I can relate to it and write what about whats within.

Ashley Mason

I love writing! Pretty much the only things I do that involve writing are journaling and blogging. I blog every day, but I barely find time to journal during the school year. That's one thing I want to change. Journaling helps to keep me sane as well – I jot down all of my feelings and help myself become less stressed.

My school actually just started a writing club, and the first meeting was today! I went to the meeting a little hesitantly, but I ended up loving it. It's a great way to force myself to write, and I'm glad I went!


Vina Smith

Writing is such a great creative outlet!! I have come to love blogging, and when I was younger I wrote fictional short stories all the time 🙂 I find that it is a wonderful way t eliminate stress while helping to improve your concentration skills and vocabulary at the same time.

I will be looking forward to your next book!!!



I write a whole lot-I even started a blog just for writing and its really good to let go of whatever's on your mind and just write

Allie Emme

I always loved writing. English was my favorite subject in junior high and high school, and I went on to study Communications/print journalism in college. I always keep a little notebook with me in my purse to jot down any thoughts I have.
xx Allie

Stephanie Harris

Thank you for this post, and it's timing. I'm a hobby writer as well (with dreams of be day being published'm a public health major pre-med so writing has often become my escape from my world of numbers and science. I've tried journaling about my day in the past, but got really bored with that format. So with writing more being he of my 2013 objectives, I need inspiration. So I got on Pinterest and found some awesome 30 day writing challenges, which have been just the boost I need. Writing is so relaxing and a great outlet. Thanks for always writing, blogging and sharing with the rest of us Carly!

Julia D.

I absolutely love to write and could not have expressed the reasons for that better myself. Good luck with your second book!