I’ve obviously talked about my book Business Minded in various blog posts… but I never dedicated a full post to it after it was published. The timing of everything was just so weird and it was hard for me to wrap my head around the whole process. It was only 13 months from signing the contract to the publishing date (even with multiple COVID-related printing delays!) In that time, I also got pregnant and had a baby! Truly wild.

Part of me felt pretty vulnerable about my book and it was hard for me to actually buckle down and promote it. It didn’t help that I wrote it during a very vulnerable stage of my life– while I was in the throes of morning sickness. Even though I publish tons of stuff on the internet all the time and for a living, something felt remarkably different to have it in a physical book. Not going to lie, I was scared!!!

And when I get scared, I tend to freeze.

Anyway… now that Business Minded has been out in the world for a month and some change, I do feel better about it being out there! I am really proud of it and I’ve loved hearing from people who have read it or are working on it. I actually think that’s what has made it the most “real” for me– hearing about how it’s helping you guys start or run businesses! (It’s definitely geared towards young women, but I’ve also heard from some men loving it too, which makes me so happy!)

I have talked to so many women over the years who have businesses or wish to run a business and there are common themes I’ve seen over and over again. I have heard women lacking confidence to run a business and I’ve also seen women completely burnt out because they forgot to take care of themselves in the process. In fact, I have been that woman in both scenarios!!! So many times I felt like an imposter despite running a legitimately successful small business for over a decade and I’ve also experienced extreme burn out. The first half of the book tackles some of the big components of running a business (like accounting, marketing, and hiring) and the second half of the book is all about staying mentally and physically healthy as an entrepreneur. I wrote this book because it’s something I wish I had had earlier in my career.

THANK YOU to all of you. Even just reading this blog every now and then has helped me get to this point. I appreciate every page view– there’s so much out there now and the fact that you choose to spend a couple minutes of your day on my website means the world. Thank you to everyone who purchased a book, shared it on social media, or left a review. Thank you thank you thank you!

PS I have a book signing in TAMPA this Thursday at Oxford Exchange and I’d love to see you there!!!

PPS We’re also working on a couple more book signings throughout the rest of winter/early spring… stay tuned!

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Congratulations Carly! I’m not your target reader but I still thought it was so well done and put together. Honestly it would make a great text book for an entrepreneurs class l!

Deborah Flanagan

Just went over to Amazon to read your book reviews…seems like the “reviewers” are a particularly mean group of girls you may have once known once, since they mention “sorority” that would be my hunch. Please ignore the obvious bullies on Amazon, Their world must be very dark and they come off as jealous of your life and success.

Kate @ GK Apothecary

I preordered the e-book version when it was first announced, but the last time I was at Barnes & Noble, I realized that the physical version of it is just so beautifully put together that I actually bought a second copy! I have a small Etsy shop where I sell handmade bath bombs inspired by books and tv shows; it did pretty well in its first year, but I’m trying to take it to the next level. Your book is really helping me check off the boxes that I need to get going! Thanks, Carly!


It definitely helped me! I am going to sit down and write out my business plan this month. All of your blogging advice has been so spot on for me over the past few years. Have fun at the Oxford Exchange – one of my fave bookstores!


It definitely helped me! I am going to sit down and write out my business plan this month. All of your blogging advice has been so spot on for me over the past few years.