I cannot believe that the semester is almost over.  It’s so crazy!  I have pretty bad testing anxiety so thankfully I only have two final exams: spanish and accounting.  Spanish should be OK… I’m going to have to study for accounting.  A lot.
Since I only have two finals, I have 3 papers due.  I’ve been spending lots of time in the library, but I’m having such a hard time focusing!  I feel so distracted!  Blah!
This weekend was extremely crazy here at Georgetown.  There was a GAAP weekend, which is for accepted high school seniors to come visit the school.  I always feel like I have to act and dress nicely to give a good impression.  Haha.  Relay for Life was on Friday.  I think the school raised about $350,000; very impressive!  I wasn’t planning on going because I didn’t want to stay up late, but I ended up going and had a really fun time!  My dorm faces the field and so even when I was in my room, I felt like I was right there (loud music and bright lights haha)…
We had a race against Bucknell and Holy Cross in NJ on Saturday.  We’ve raced there before so I didn’t have to stress about an unfamiliar course.  I absolutely panic when I have to cox somewhere new.  The weather was FABULOUS!  I’ve been dying for some sun!  My nose is pretty burnt and has started peeling now though.. Oh yea, and I have a watch tan line too!  We had a great race; the boat has really been improving.  We won with lots of open water, which meant we got Bucknell orange tanks and purple Holy Cross shirts.  The rest of the team did fabulous too.  
Oh and as if that wasn’t an exciting day already, T-Pain was performing on campus.  “I’m on a Boat” is quite popular with our team, so we were pretty excited to see him.  I was pretty drained from the sun and racing so I didn’t go.  But I heard it wasn’t even that good.  
Happy Wednesday!
-College Prepster

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Jessica Lee

Ah! We did our relay for life not long ago. It is SUCH a great cause. I’ve had numerous family members with it.

That is a lot of money!


Great successful event!!! Schoolyear almost done and then…back to the “Sunshine State”!!! Know you are looking foward to that!