Too Much Rain…

I bought my Vineyard Vines Nor’Easter jacket when it was just starting to get cold in DC.  I needed a waterproof jacket for crew practices.  I had looked at some Patagonia choices, but didn’t find one in the right style or color.  The Nor’Easter is perfect for crew.  It was made for sailing, I’m assuming.  So it really works for all water sports.
Anyways… the store here in Georgetown had the matching waterproof pants, but I didn’t really see myself needing them.  Back in FL, if it rained, it would stop after 10 minutes and everything would dry after 15 minutes of sunshine.  Not so much the case here.  It has been raining SO much and I completely regret not buying the Nor’Easter pants when I bought the jacket.  Since it was raining so hard during the regatta I had over Easter break, my parents took me to the VV store to buy them, but they were sold out!  🙁
I’ve been borrowing the new assistant coach’s spare pair (ha that rhymes) for the past week.  I finally ordered the pants from online.  They came in today! YAY!  They shipped wicked fast.  I bought the men’s XXS, which are perfect because they are a great length and I can wear normal sweatpants underneath.  I was 5 dollars away from free shipping so I ended up getting a cute t-shirt too.  Haha..
Ok, back to studying!
-College Prepster

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Rain is not typical
At least that much
I promise by tomorrow
It’ll be gone by lunch!!!

You have me on a roll for poetry…I cannot resist doing it!!! Just another love of mine besides just writing.


I saw a bunch of Nor’easters while visiting UVM- I love the raspberry (not sure of the real name) colored one.


that’s funny- I sometimes wear ski pants if it’s really bad, on moderately bad days, I wear my golfing rain-pants! coxing is just so funny 🙂