Here are a few things I’ve recently purchased and a few more things that I’m eyeing. It’s kind of a lot… but I’m having a weird mental block about getting my clothes out of storage right now as I work through some body image things. And I think it’s best if I just don’t… at least for a little bit longer.

I’m in an “over order” mindset right now, where I’m just ordering anything that piques my interest and/or looks cute and is nursing friendly*. Then I can try things on and return whatever doesn’t work. Even if only one thing works out every order, it feels like a victory to me.

  • Which I get a lot of questions about nursing friendly options. For tops, I’ll wear anything really. I tend to gravitate towards looser styles anyway and I just life my top up to nurse. (Jack is at a stage where he’s easily distracted so I am always nursing him somewhere private anyway.) For dresses, I am only really considering options with smocking and/or functional buttons! We can go longer stretches between nursing though, so at this point I’m not completely ruling out a dress for a date night or if I know I’ll be home to nurse and can take the dress off as needed.

Smocked Top


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A number of these picks are not bra friendly-at least for the nursing bras I am familiar with! Do you have a recommendation for alternative nursing/pumping bras that are compatible?