We had a nice week here… Mike, Jack, and I went into the city for a little staycation. It was only one night and it was actually for work, but felt like a mini vacation. The best part was just leisurely strolling through Central Park. Kind of made me wish we lived in the city (and by “kind of” I mean, it crossed my mind for about half a second 😆… I’m team suburbs unless we win the lottery). Mike took Jack out in the morning for an extra long walk so I could sleep in, which was extra dreamy. It was also bittersweet because Jack started daycare this week!!! He’s only going in for two days a week, so I can get caught up on work. It was so hard dropping him off; I thought I was going to be fine, but I actually ended up being a mess all day…. I know it’s good for him and for me…. but, whew! It was hard! I’m typing this now just counting the minutes until I get to squeeze him again!!

ONE // Epiphany in the Baby Food Aisle

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been pretty obsessed with reading essays about motherhood. Frankly, I read a lot about motherhood before I was a mother and now that I am “in it,” they just hit different. Motherhood is more complicated than I ever could have imagined– just a tangle of conflicting emotions and feelings. This essay titled “Epiphany in the Baby Food Aisle” might be the best I’ve ever read. I saw it shared on Facebook a number of times and in a few mom groups I’m in online, so I know I’m not the only one that it struck a chord with.

TWO // Julia Berolzheimer x Pottery Barn

So proud of my friend Julia on her Pottery Barn collaboration!!!! This is such a big, big collection and I know it’s going to be perfect, like everything she has a hand in. Cannot wait to see the entire thing– the previews on IG have been fabulous.

THREE // Harry Styles and Shania Twain

Let me just be the first one to say that I would be absolutely horrible at a music festival, especially Coachella. Nothing appeals to me about them– I don’t even like concerts indoors, let alone in a desert. But for whatever reason, I’ve been obsessed this year with consuming content from Coachella. I’ve watched the Youtubers, the TikTokers, the Instagrammers. I can’t stop! With all this said… I did have major FOMO for exactly one moment at Coachella: Shania Twain performing with Harry Styles!!!! WHAT A COMBO. (Watching it on Youtube though is much more my speed 😉

FOUR // Amazon Storefront

I’ve been working on an Amazon Storefront. It’s been on my to-do list forever and I’m finally getting around to putting it together. It’s going to be something I add to over time… Still have a lot of work to do on it, but wanted to share it so you can be on the lookout for updates.

FIVE // “The Dad Who Didn’t Want to Watch The Princess Diaries

This is the sweetest TikTok ever! You know when they do the montages of the dads who didn’t want dogs and then they end up being inseparable? This is that… but for watching The Princess Diaries. So good. (I had maybe fourteen people send it to me… my sister and I love the movie and we were dying over this TikTok!)

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After all of your anxiety over the pandemic & vaccinations, the fact that you are leaving your child at a daycare shows how far you have come! Good luck with it all – K


I am SO HERE for your Amazon storefront! Give me ALL of the Carly style and picks! Best wishes!! 🙂


Thanks for the recommendation of the “epiphany in the baby food aisle” article. I’ve just sat down after a day of running around after three little ones and this article was just what I needed and is so relatable.