C. Wonder by the Sea

C. Wonder invited a bunch of bloggers to visit the Pop-up shop in Southampton. I’ve never been to the Hamptons before, so I was extra excited. I was also super happy that Mackenzie was invited on the trip as well. We’re double trouble when we’re together. It’s fun!
The bus ride over completely reminded me of crew days… minus the anxiety associated with a looming race. Mackenzie (and her assistant Eddy) and I chatted the whole way. Then we had the most amazing lunch at Chris Burch’s home. I’ve never wanted to move into a place more so than I did that day. His house is beautiful and his backyard is incredible.
Meeting other bloggers and having the chance to talk in a super relaxed setting was wonderful. Normally, when bloggers go to events, it’s always crazy and loud and people are in & out. But this was just a fun opportunity to “play” some croquet, capture fun Instagrams, and make/eat s’mores together! It was kind of like blogger heaven when you really think about it.

You know I love a good photo booth!

How beautiful is the backyard?

We’re not very skilled.

I’m wearing: Sunnies // Sweater // Dress // Loafers c/o Bass
(thanks Kat for the fun picture!)

I had so much fun! Thank you C. Wonder 🙂

What’s something fun you’ve done recently?


PS Shop some of my favorite housewares from C. Wonder!

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I love the photos! I don't think we have any C. Wonder's in Tampa, so I really want to go! I just had an awesome weekend! I've posted about one day of it on my blog and will post the other day today, if you'd like to read 🙂



Well holy cow, isn't that the cheekiest get-together ever? Even the straws match. C'mon now!

Also, after reading your blog for a few months, I'm starting to possibly like the color navy. Perhaps. Maaaaybe. It's still a battle, but I'm warming up to it. Thanks for making me contemplate allowing a new color into the wardrobe! Ha! 🙂