Cake Pops

Leave it to Soccer Mom to volunteer to make 100 cake pops for my sister’s friend’s graduation party.  While I was skeptical of how much work this would entail (read: how much I was going to have to help), it turns out that making cake pops is actually surprisingly simple.  And fun.
Cake Pops are crumpled cake mixed with icing which is rolled into balls which are dipped into chocolate.  Follow?
Soccer Mom has this book by Bakerella for Cake Pops.  The instructions are great and easy to follow, the tips are beyond helpful, and the ideas/inspiration are out of this world.
You can also check the Bakerella website for more ideas and hints!

Using the girl’s theme of pastel colors, we dipped three different flavors of cake into the chocolate coating.
Lemon Cake
Birthday Cake
Red Velvet Cake

This is just a few of the 99 we ended up making.  One “broke” and we had to, you know, do quality control to make sure they tasted perfect.  And they did!

Oh, and they’re yummy.  Really, really, really yummy.

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I am so glad you posted this! I have always seen these beauties in magazines and such but always assumed they were too tricky to make without ending in me throwing them against the kitchen wall! But, now I definitely think I could handle it! Thanks for the post & by the way- yours turned out beautiful!


These are so cute! I tried making Nutella cake pops a few months back, but they never took. Definitely need to pick up the Bakerella book. I'll have to convince my mom to be domestic (for once) and join me next time. Yours turned out beautifully!


I was hired by one of my managers at work to help her bake cake pops for our other manager's bridal shower. We'll be doing that coming up in a few weeks. I'm so glad you posted this today!


Ever since these premiered at Starbucks a while back I have been obsessed, so to hear that there is a cookbook on how to make these mini delights makes me more than ecstatic. Thank you so much!


I love Bakerella!! And those cake pops look delicious; I've been wanting to try my hand at making some.

Amy R

how did you get the chocolate coating to come out so perfectly? i've been making these for about a year and they always taste good, but look bad, lol.

Nadia ;)

Well I followed your link to the Bakerella website and found a yummy looking recipe for brownie/cookies covered in chocolate ganache. It was AMAZING!! 😀 Thank you for introducing Bakerella to me!!