Here’s a confession of my own. Confession: My legs are very short.

They used to be SUPER long though. Embarrassingly long. I was one of those gangly kids in elementary school. You know, knobby knees, ankles that looked like they would break any minute, and weirdly skinny.

Fifth grade graduation picnic. [Such a weird picture… someone tagged me in it on Facebook, but it perfectly demonstrates the ridiculousness of my legs.]

8th grade NHS inductions. Again, awkward and skinny and long legs. It didn’t help that I could only fit into a children’s dress… it was obviously too short.

Well fast forward to today. My legs stopped growing, but the rest of me didn’t- leaving me with the legs of a middle schooler and a very long torso. You can almost always see my stomach when I wear shirts because they don’t come all the way down, classy I know. I grew another inch this past summer, but unfortunately my legs didn’t get the memo…again.

These are my favorite, favorite pair of summer jeans. They’re from American Eagle. They’re supposed to be capris, but are more like high-waters/clam diggers/ankle length on me. I would wear them everyday during the summer if I could.

With that being said, when I saw this on the front page of the Vineyard Vines website, I knew I just HAD to try them on! (I haven’t yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.) I LOVE the pink!!! And I’m hoping they fit like my fave white pair.

I just love the pink!!!!!!


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that dress is not too short at all – hahah if that's too short i'm screwed!!
i'm surprised though…they don't recommend capris or cropped pants for people with short legs; don't you find they make your legs look shorter? i avoid them because of that and i have very long legs!! (short torso though, so i'm jealous of your long one)
those vineyard vines ones are adorable though; you have to tell us how they fit!


The capris are soooo cute ! I will have to order a few pairs . I love Vineyard Vines jeans. BTW I just discovered your website/blog yesterday and omg love it !!!!



I have short legs to and I love wearing capri's that end up being ankle pants on me. I think they look more refined that way.


I have the same exact problem- my legs are super short! I have such a difficult time finding jeans that look good, and my tailor is my best friend! I love those pink jeans! Soooo summery! Have a great Sunday! xoxo


Love jeans especially white and now the pink…long, capri, ankle (or high water) ones. Especially best if skinny jeans…expect you will be wearing the pink ones soon…might go with tote with pink bow…would be cute.