i hope you dance

Sporty Sister had her prom this past Saturday. She looked beautiful.

Stacy and her date.
So Florida.
Gorgeous girls.
Cute little Yen Yen.
Hello, bow tie.


Looking through her pictures allowed me to reflect on my senior prom. I didn’t have a date. No surprise there (haha?). But I wore a Lilly dress which made the night that much better!!!

My friend Kitchy Kate wore a Lilly dress too. We both wore sandals instead of heels. Naturally, she wore Steven Salarios (he is her dad afterall!)

Sadly, looking back on my dances, I feel like I really missed out. I was never one for dancing. In fact, I never danced EVER. I hated the dancing part. Really, I only liked getting ready and buying the dress, and makeup/hair/nails.

I’ve hated dances since sixth grade when the middle school would host “after school” dances. Waiting for a boy to ask you out for a “slow” dance was miserable. And there was always girl who would be melodramatic and cry by the bleachers when the wrong boy asked her dance. I wanted to slap her and tell her to be grateful someone even asked her.

Sixth Grade- I’m the short brunette hiding second from the right.

In eighth grade, we got to “dress up” for a “real” dance. I wore a Betsey Johnson dress and wore makeup for the first time (besides dance recitals).

Looking back, I realize how much fun I missed by sitting out and not dancing. I think the saddest part is that I rarely dance at parties now. I’m thinking I may need to adjust my no-dancing rule.


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I went dateless in the same dress wearing platinum jack rogers haha that is a crazy coincidence!! I actually had WAY more fun the year i went without a date than the year I went with a date. Awkward and not fun! The getting ready part was way better than the actual part so you didn't miss anything. i've never been one for dancing either–unless i'm with my friends and i know the song lyrics!!


I went dateless to prom too- it was so much more fun! I dance, but only when I have to! I am definitely not one just not to dance in public! I totally understand you!

Preppy 101

Yes, you must change and begin dancing the night away anytime you get the chance!! Love your dress. And your little sis looks fab, too!!


Hi! I haven't commented much, mostly I just like reading – but I had to chime in for this one. First off, you and your sister are both gorgeous and I love both of your dresses. Also, I have always been a "dancing" type – but never the first on the floor. If that makes any sense… Basically, once I was sure no one would be paying attention to uncoordinated I am, I would get out there and have a BLAST. It took till my second year of college to really go out and dance without hesitation – I don't really like the gross, millions of people, type of club. We went to the country club one night and line danced and two-stepped (cutest couples dance on earth) the night away. I recommend that sort of thing – I didn't really like country music at first but there were less people and now (since I'm 21+) better drinks. It was a LOT of fun.

Even if you don't go to a country bar, what I am trying to say is try starting somewhere that isn't as crowded and just GOING for it. After a few weeks of putting yourself out there it won't be nearly as intimidating when you go to a party or packed club.

The Pink Tutu

You should definitely dance! I love to dance, of course 🙂 There's nothing more fun to me than dancing the night away. Cute pics!
P.S. I had a lot of fun in D.C., but it was so cold! I'm sending some Florida sunshine your way. Georgetown Cupcake was probably one of the highlights of my trip haha.


The school I went to for HS didn't have prom but I had two friends who went to public school (different years) and I went to prom with them. It was awkward b/c I didn't know anyone but my friend…but the dressing up part was the best. I still have my dresses too…and the first dress fits better now than it did then! LOL!


There is nothing more enjoyable than dancing…love to dance…all kinds…slow dancing my least favorite…try it, you'll like it!!!