lucky duck

I have two lucky pieces of jewelery. I’m not superstitious really… but there’s something about my bracelet and necklace. I wear them very often.

I can’t take a test without them.
I wear them when I don’t feel well.
When I miss home.
When I’m happy.
If I need courage.
When I’m nervous.
While I’m doing something scary.

All kinds of times.

My mom got me this bracelet when I was accepted into Georgetown. It was a very, very exciting time for me. But, another event happened at the same time. A sad event. It overshadowed my acceptance by a long shot. While I should have been crying with joy, I was crying with an overwhelming amount of sadness. I lost my best friend. I mean, my best friend. We had a terrible falling out. I felt guilty for being accepted to the school I really wanted to go to. My mom bought me this bracelet to remind me to follow my dreams and not let anything stop me. I wear it to remember the happy times with my friend and how exciting it was to get into college.

My mom bought me this necklace after a major incident during my junior year of high school. Long story short, I had to do something really difficult and I turned into the most hated person in my grade… and probably at the school. You know in cliche high school movies when the nerd walks down the hallway, and everyone is standing next to their lockers saying mean things to her (my new nickname was the Snitch B—-), spitting on her? Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what happened to me. [BTW- this is probably why the whole Venus Fly Trap-college mean girl-cyber bullying issue was more annoying than upsetting to me. Old news. Grow up. Okay, enough ranting.] Anyways, this Dogeared necklace is to symbolize following my heart and doing the right thing, even when it’s not the easiest thing to do.

I love wearing my “lucky” jewelery. They remind me of how I’ve overcome things that I thought I would never get past. They make me feel stronger because they remind me that I have been strong and that I can be strong again.

PS can you spot my lucky necklace in this post? The picture was taken a couple of days after I broke up with my first high school boyfriend. It was also the first day I realized I liked my soon-to-be second high school boyfriend. See, sometimes good things come after bad things!!!

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I'm sorry to hear about those hard times you went through. Teenagers can be so cruel sometimes! It's great you have such a good attitude about it, and came out of it with some cute jewelry as reminders!


I love this post! It's so inspirational and I am also so glad you experienced some of the same problems in high school that I did! Stay strong- you are awesome! Have a great day! xoxo

The Pink Tutu

What pretty and meaningful gifts! I, too, have a bracelet my mom gave me that helps me get through the ups and downs of life. I feel like it gives me that extra little reminder I need to always believe in myself and do my best.


Pink Tutu said exactly what I have been thinking all day. There are and will be so many more ups and downs, but we all will just go with not only our dreams, but our beliefs of right and wrong. You go with your dreams and go to the future. What is past, is past and no reason to hang onto it anymore. Go foward, head held high you will be fine!!!


I love that bracelet. Meaningful jewelry is so special – I have my great grandmother's pearls that have been handed down through three generations and they are one of my most prized possessions.


I love this post & I love your bracelet!! I am a preppy grad student, who follows your blog daily haha and hasn't completely let go of collegiate prep life Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your anecdote. I think that is it really important for people to carry positive quotes or inspirational words with them wherever you go. The power of suggestion is quite powerful, and the simple act of carrying a special quote with you all of the time has an unbelievable affect on the collective unconscious.

And what could be better than inspirational jewelry. You have inspired me to create a bracelet of my own! Pure Genius.


This entry popped up in the results when I typed "I miss home" into Google. Specifically, your bracelet came up in google images. Your post reminded me of the Celtic cross necklace my sister gave to me in 7th grade and I wore for 8 years until my roommate stole it right before ending my study abroad semester. I still haven't found another necklace quite the same. Strangely, your post made me feel a bit better. Thank you. =)