I totally copied an outfit Jennifer Garner wore on her Instagram last month. I was very inspired by the whole thing and once I recreated it, I was like, “Yea, I think this is my new vibe.”

I used to be all about the cardigans and then went years without wearing one. Happy to say that I’m loving them again. Particularly this Everlane cardigan which I’ve been wearing non-stop since I got it.

Carly the Prepster  Cardigan

I think I love just how unfussy the whole outfit feels. I’ve long been a collector of button-ups and dressed down with a cardigan is totally cozy.

Maybe 2020 will be the year of the cardigan for me. I actually went through a drawer of clothes that I love but don’t wear much at all anymore to find one of my favorite argyle cardigans from high school to wear too. Since these photos were pre-shot, maybe I’ll wear that one today… I’ll share it on my Instagram story if I do!!

Carly Heitlinger

Cardigan (c/o) // Old Shirt (but here’s a similar option) // Jeans // Sneakers // Crossbody (c/o) // Glasses

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Carly, you look SO fabulous with those glasses on! They make you look so much like Meesh. Love them and your jeans! Thank you for sharing! <3


Heads up – I think there are a couple typos in the first paragraph, and I’m guessing you mean Jennifer Garner, not Gardner.


Yes, love cardigans! They are such a great thing to layer in the winter and to transition into spring as well. I was so into the argyle in middle school & high school too, what a blast from the past! I particularly love J.Crew’s cardigans, especially their fall jewel colored ones!


Carly – Everlane is so chic and adult.

On another note – would you be willing to write a post on age/stress/growth/fear/etc. ? I ask because I have been following your journey and know how much my anxiety has improved over the years with confidence and positivity. Very thankful for the stories you have shared.

Loving your blog, as always.


Carly I also say JGar in that outfit and was like OMG. And you are rocking it!! Going to take inspiration from both of you!!


Me to myself: “I won’t buy clothes in January.”
Orders cardigan immediately.

Tammy Palmer

I am so glad cardigans are back in style. They are warm very comfortable.

Thanks tp

Kirsten Celeste

I really, really love the cardigan you linked – the color is cozy and perfect for this post-holiday season. I’ve really wanted to get into wearing them but I’m not always confident in how they’ll fit on my frame. But this one is so cute and has such an old school vibe that i just might give it a try. Thanks for sharing, Carly!

Elizabeth Smith

Love those jeans!! So cute and on trend – I have been thinking about buying them and now I am going to!


You really going for grandmother look! The grey hair, glasses.. the grandma cardigan. One day you are looking like a teenager the next you are trying to look like a nan. Are you depressed or having a midlife crisis? What happened to you? I know people change but you are changing badly. I don’t know how you consider yourself a “blogger”.


Depressed? More like, confident and not needing to fit into the aesthetic that women of her age are “supposed” to be?

Cinderella Elaine

AMEN Gaby – I couldn’t not agree more.
Carly – I will never understand how you deal with the negativity…..I applaud you!