Three Documentaries

I used to be SO into watching documentaries. I suffered from some pretty severe insomnia in college and would spend all night watching documentaries just trying to get through the night. This was pre-streaming on Netflix too so I’d order DVDs and then find obscure things on Youtube to watch. It was a weird time for me, but I really loved those documentaries.

But I have three new documentaries to share with you!!

Science Fair Disney+

Science Fair (Disney+) 

I watched this over Thanksgiving while stitching my mom’s Christmas gift. I had just gotten my Disney+ subscription and was scrolling through trying to find something new to watch. The documentary features high schoolers from around the world competing at a worldwide science fair. It features teams from different high schools and it’s just so, so inspiring. Some of the schools are heavily science-focused and the competition among classmates is fierce. Some are at sports-focused schools and students fly completely undetected in the hallways. It was a fantastic look at what it takes from students, schools, teachers, and parents. I was basically holding my breath once the actual fair rolls around as the kids you’re really rooting for wait for the awards.

While it’s definitely very cutthroat and competitive, it’s ultimately a heartwarming documentary about young people excelling in science and out to change the world!!

Netflix Cheer

Cheer (Netflix)

This is technically a documentary series. It features six episodes and follows a junior college’s cheer team in the year leading up to their national cheerleading competition. I’ve watched a lot of cheer related shows over the years (Cheerleader Generation was so good!), but Cheer has definitely been the best. The production quality is fantastic and the whole season is filled with nail-biting moments. The best part though is the incredible obstacles the students have overcome to get to where they are. The stories are downright heartbreaking and you’re just rooting for every single one of the kids beyond their cheering capacity. Monica, the coach, is the real hero of the show though. She takes the whole team under her wing and sets them up not only to perform their best at the competition but also to be the best adults they possibly can.

Very Ralph

Very Ralph (HBO)

I had heard great things about this documentary about Ralph Lauren. I thought it was beautiful and really shed light on Ralph, the man. You get a peek into the history and his vision for the company, which I found pretty inspiring. I think everyone knows he was a tie salesman, but this goes into detail about his personal style and how his desire for clothes that didn’t exist paved the way for creating a fashion line. I loved learning more about his relationship with his wife (Ricky & his ultimate muse!) and family too.

Truly iconic.

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I watched a documentary recently on amazon called Meet the Patels – it was funny and interesting! It’s about an American Indian guy who decides to go through with an arranged marriage with his parents helping him. It was really interesting seeing the entire process and how it works, it’s SO intense.

Kate Scott

I just finished Cheer & I am obsessed! Can I be Monica when I grow up?! Definitely want to check out these other two.


I recently watched Don’t F**k with cats (a gruesome true crime documentary) on Netflix and loved it! I also love true crime. I told my fiancee (who is a police officer) to watch it and he also loved it! It’s a very different take on “true crime”. Thanks for the other recommendations Carly!



i work for the non-profit that runs the international science & engineering fair! so glad you liked the movie!

Becca Barnes

LOVE “safe” show recommendations. Things I know I’ll enjoy and watch during the day for a quick break or over the weekend.


Ok, just finished Science Fair and I have a question. These inventions the high school kids are creating, like the arsenic detector, are they getting patents for them? I’m curious if companies take these kids ideas without knowledge, consent or profit.

Meg Jo

I literally decided to take a break from binge watching Cheer and opened my phone to read this. Such a great documentary!!