Carly’s Current Obsessions

Nail Polish
Totally weird because I used to HATE having my nails painted. And now I can’t stop painting them!!! I have a good system in place so I don’t get the icky feeling that has deterred me in the past.
Iced Coffee
I’m absolutely loving this stuff. Even if it makes me jittery (my hands shake so much!!!). Soccer Mom and I have been experimenting with different *bux locations. I have my favorite! It has to be the perfect blend and the perfect color.

So I’m trying not to be as boring clothing wise. Sometimes I get stuck in the rut where I wear the same ole, same ole. But I’m LOVING my new wedges. Even Sporty Sister has borrowed them. That is saying something.

Kate Spade
No explanation necessary.

Editing pictures, reading tutorials, creating logos (for the academic foundation at my HS), designing posters (for my internship).

Move over social media, it’s all about branding yourself/company/life now. Not in the cattle way though, of course.

Kid movies
Re-watching all our favorites: Cheaper by the Dozen, Parent Trap, Matilda, Princess Diaries, A Little Princess (PS they’re making a new version with the girl from The Orphan!)

Ray Bans
I love my new glasses! Unfortunately, now I can’t not wear them.

PS There’s still a few more hours to enter my Lilly GIVEAWAY!

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How funny! I was going to email you asking about your opinion on nail polish!! I find it can only really be a light color.

Another thing, I'm a die hard prep and I can't find any cute pajamas…any suggestions?


the logos that you've been making are so good! and i love that you mentioned matilda and a little princess! those are some of my most favorite movies. i was obsessed with both when i was younger :).


I know you are just as obsessed with organization as I am, I was wondering how you kept your white Mac Book clean?

Patriotic Princess

Love those things and lovin' your wedges! Darling! And omgosh, I used to LOVE The Little Princess!! It was one of those movies I would just watch over and over again.

Enjoy your evening, xoxo.


Is that really you with new glasses or Soccer Mom??? If it is you, you look exactly alike. A compliment to both of you!!!!!