Things I’ve picked up for school!

I’ve been gathering some extra accessories before heading back to school, and I thought I’d share with you guys.

Anne Klein watch. I bought mine at Dillards, but I don’t see it on the website. I loveeeeee watches! More of my watch collection HERE. Soccer Dad has also “loaned” (ironic, trust me.) me his Cartier tank watch, but I’m definitely never giving that one back 😉
Ooh, and I got two pairs of shoes from Dillards too. I’m normally not an “okay let’s go out on a Saturday night” girl. But I figured since I’m turning 21, I’ll be going out at least more than usual. Bebe showed me the cutest wedges she got and I copied her! And made Sporty Sister jealous in the process (difficult to do). [Antonio Melani and Vince Camuto]

I picked up this cute little cross body bag from Nordstrom

And I can’t WAIT to wear these stirrup leggings I got from Gap. Mine are actually navy. And they’re more like the J. Crew minnie pant. MUCH thicker than the usual legging. [Side note: I’d wear them with boots, not the shoes pictured.]

Ooh.. The only exciting part about going back to school…. new accessories! Haha.. What’s on everybody’s list?


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My goodness Carly…is the pix with your new glasses really you or is it Soccer Mom??? If it you, you look exactly like her now…a compliment for both of you!!!