Old Navy- Preppy staples?

What’s that J. Crew? You’re not going to be making anymore of the fall staples we so desire??? Well, guess what. We’re not gonna take it. No, we’re not gonna take it.

I’m also so sick of ridiculous price tags. Anyways, check out these cute sweaters from OLD NAVY. Old Navy? Yes. I will be heading over to the local one to check it out in person!

How cute is this floral print? Little boot cut jeans, black ballet flats, and a smart headband.

Yea, and I need this little tan sweater. I’ll probably get it in a too big size and wear it slouchy in the lib.
PERFECT Georgetown sweater with the gray & navy! Did you know that the rowing team sort of “invented” the color combo of Georgetown? Gray for the south, navy for the north 😉

I just told Soccer Mom I was looking for a wrap around sweater. Woo. With little skinny minny black jeggings and black boots?

Oh and I just thought this dress was fun 😉

What do you guys think?


PS Have you entered my Lilly towel giveaway yet?

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I am loving that floral cardigan and the gray/navy cardigan. I am so not impressed with J.Crew lately. These are wonderful and affordable alternatives! Thanks for posting.


I am currently obsessing over some of their new fall items as well! They have some cute little argyle skirts with elastic waistbands and I love the way their new cords look and all the colors they come in! They even have skinny cords! Way to go, O.N.!


I have a slight obsession with cardigans and I totally posted that gray/navy one on my blog (a couple posts ago) when I wrote about! How cool!

Preppy Pink Crocodile

Those are all from ON? No way! I need to get my booty in there asap. Jcrew and I are pretty much over. I just can't even remember the last time I found even one thing in there.


I always see so many cute old navy preppy staple items on their website and am never thrilled when I see them in store… Hoping this season will be different because they're SO cute!! 🙂


Love ON cardi and shirts. How about contacting Nicole or Derek at or

M80 newsroom is taking care of marketing for Old Navy. If you ask them they will give you 10 50$/100$ coupons for Old Navy. That would be a nice giveaway :). Don't forget to play Barker Bones game on Facebook/oldnavy to get coupons.


WOOT, WOOT! I was looking at this old post and noticed that I own two of those sweaters!