This is my uniform right now. I’ve always been a “jeans and sweater” kind of girl and I wasn’t sure how this would work or even translate while pregnant. I lived in smocked dresses while pregnant with Jack and postpartum (who was born in August) but this fall/winter pregnancy is going to be different. Thankfully, I found some amazing maternity jeans that I actually love and that’s half the battle. Similar to smocked dresses being extremely popular while I was pregnant, I am eternally grateful that cardigans are in. Not because they’re trendy, necessarily, but because they’re readily available in various colors, fabrics, and price points. Talk about a win.

Mix in the fact that I found the best tank tops to wear with a bump and I really feel golden.

Elsa and I met up for a little shopping at my favorite garden center in New Jersey– they do the best job decorating for the various seasons and I always leave feeling incredibly inspired. I texted Elsa saying, “I’m going for ‘casual suburban mom of a toddler with a baby on the way trying to make the holidays festive and she cares about her appearance a little bit needs to be comfortable, so she put on mascara and a swipe of lipstick…. And she doesn’t care about being trendy but won’t wear skinny jeans anymore and is trend-curious so it looks like she’s at least trying and didn’t just roll out of bed in 2015.'”

Maybe you can relate 🙈

Cardigan (c/o) // Jeans // Clogs // Socks // Tank Top // Tote // Necklace (c/o)


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Haha your comment explaining your outfit 100% resonates with me! I live in San Diego where people are in athleisure 24/7 but I am always trying to put on some cute outfits even though I too am a suburban (albeit beachy) mom! You look fantastic!


I love this outfit. I am not even a mom, and I could still picture putting a similar outfit together!

Theresa Magliozzi

I love this! Trend curious lol, that is me! I totally relate to the way you described what you wore. You look great!

Karen Topper

Stretchy tanks and cardigans pretty much made up my entire wardrobe when I was pregnant with my son! I rotated between 3 pairs of maternity jeans/pants and with that combo, I felt put together and still comfy! (A good pair of maternity jeans is KEY…I didn’t want to stop wearing them after I had him! Haha)