DIARY No. 108

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks, according to my camera roll.

After an unlucky start to soccer, it’s in full swing now and it’s been a blast! Jack is loving it way more than I could have imagined and it’s a bright spot in our weekends. It’s incredibly muddy (it’s rained literally every Saturday) and we walk away looking like a Tide commercial…. but I think that makes it even more fun for Jack 😉

My parents came into town for a weekend and we squeezed in as much as possible. Originally we were planning on going to our town’s big festival thing, but it was postponed due to rain. We ended up going to an Oktoberfest and soccer practice. We went out for ice cream and took the train back to our town and just played at home. It was so nice. (Oh and we read Room on the Broom a dozen times, which is a huge hit right now in our house.)

I can’t get over these woven pumpkins. I have them in a few rooms of our house as some fun fall decor. I like that they don’t scream Halloween so they can stay out through Thanksgiving.

Jack is very into taking photos right now, but I don’t love handing him my expensive camera….. so he got his very own! It actually works, too. Super cute. Also I’m loving toddler boy fall fashion options lately.

I don’t think my sister in law and I were planning on going home with six (!!!!) bags of apples, but these kids were on a roll picking them we couldn’t keep up!

I had a dream partnership with on my Instagram– this is where I got everything I needed to start needlepointing so I was extra grateful they wanted to partner! (They also gave me a code: CARLY15 for 15% off!) I did this little trench coat kit as part of the campaign and it’s darling.

I went to Boston to see Nicole last weekend. It was such a nice visit, albeit quite quick. Of course we popped into Beacon Hill Book & Cafe– the dreamiest bookstore. Mostly though we just walked around, ate, sat and chatted. It was perfect!

We are thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather. The bugs seem to be gone (!!!!) and that alone makes sitting outside so much more bearable. I’ll find any excuse to make an activity an outdoor activity, hence why we’re been having so many snacks outside.

My mother in law and I took Jack on a fall pumpkin ride. Needless to say, this train loving child of mine was obsessed. It was actually a 45 minute ride, which I kind of thought might be longer than his attention span would allow, but I’m happy to report he loved every second of it. He was looking out the window and taking it all in the entire time. It ended with a little visit to a pumpkin patch in the yard of the museum and that was also a hit!

I got to go to Connecticut this week to celebrate Wiggy Kit’s fall/winter collection and also got to catch up with friends during the dinner!

I broke down and bought a pair of Boston clogs 🙈 So comfortable and they’re going to be a go-to for me while pregnant. I don’t remember my feet hurting this much while pregnant with Jack.

And a moment of appreciation for pregnancy hair. Yes my feet hurt, but the good hair is a pregnancy perk I can get behind.

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Kate Brinkley

Haha you are probably on your feet, running around after a toddler this time! I bought some Boston clogs this Fall too! So comfy.

Swapna King

Love this post! I need to take a foliage train tour. I would love that. Your hair looks beautiful and shiny and love how your streak is so defined. You are doing a wonderful job with Jack and so happy for all of you.


Where/where is the pumpkin train ride? I’m in the same area as you and my toddler would love this! Thanks!!