I don’t necessarily have anything major to celebrate. But as of… right now… I’m officially looking for something to have a giant party for. Why? Geronimo balloons.

The balloons are hardly everyday balloons. It’s like Pinterest and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had a baby. The balloons have personality. Is that even a word that you can use to describe inanimate objects? While I’m not typically one for holiday/party decorations (or even parties in general), I really think these are beyond special.
Jihan Zencirli is basically like the coolest girl ever. She started making these fun fun fun balloons for her friends and family. You have to read the description of how it began on the website, because it’s quirky and charming to perfection.
Watch this super adorable video. You can get a glimpse of the (crazy) creative process behind the making of each balloon. No joke, I wish I had even one ounce of the imagination that Jihan has. I’m jealous beyond measure.

I mean… seriously. How beautiful are these balloons???

I can imagine using these for so many kinds of celebrations.
Graduation parties.
A surprise engagement.
Everyday (notsolittle) moments.
Bridal showers and Wedding receptions.

Okay, who’s ready to celebrate?

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