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Jessica Randall

I wanted one for a minute haha but I'd rather use something that I don't see everyone else with too. Using one could get confusing at train stations/airports especially, it's like using a plain black rolling suitcase.


Obsessed with them. The large red one is my go-to, but I got a medium black and a medium beige. You really can't beat how much stuff you can get into a large one, without it being uncomfortable to carry!


I love mine. They are very practical, you can load up the large size with files. The material is lightweight and great in all types of weather. And I love the color choices. Also, I've purchased a couple during Friends and Family sales at certain department stores (Longchamp is not an excluded brand).


I think they are very practical. I actually use mine when I travel because I can fold it in my luggage. I also like to use them when it is raining because the material can take it the moist, unlike leather.


I have 2. I'm so in love! I had my black one for 6 years and just recently replaced it because it was falling apart. I don't think I will ever get sick of them!


Vina Smith

I am obsessed with my Longchamp!! I've had it for 2 years and it is honestly the most durable bag I've ever owned. I'm asking for a new one for my birthday this year, I'm so excited!



I recently just got one for christmas and I love it. I have used it every day since. Great article, loved your quote.


haha this was so random! I do not understand why long champs are so expensive; they are made out of nylon? A bit overrated for what it is I think. I normally like all of college prep's staples; however, I never really caught on to this one.


Hayzehleh Hazard

I agree, I've been seeing them all over and finally caved to look at the site a few moments ago. While it may SEEM practical, I don't see the practicality in spending $100+ on a tote bag.


I have one and I want another, they are just so wonderfully practical and stylish. I don't particularly care that so many people seem to covet and carry them, they suit me just fine.


Love the Le Pliage bags. I have a smaller one I designed myself to carry on the weekends and the bigger one in purple to carry to class. Perfect go to bag, always.

Natalie Grochowski

Got a customized Le Pliage bag this spring, and now I'll never go back! Mine is Navy with a stripe of beige and it is just perfect… It feels like a Mary Poppins bag- I can fit everything I'd ever need in it. The french definitely know what they're doing! 🙂


Claire Peucker

The first time I actually saw this bag was on your blog and I've wanted one ever since. When I went to New York and London last year I ummed and ahhed over buying one, but then finally marched into a store in London and got a navy blue one…and I love it so much! I'm so glad that I bought it 🙂


I feel everyone loves these bags because they are simple and clean!
I love mine! I have the large version in navy and I love it for travels. Especially when I know I am going to go shopping so I have it folded up on the way and use it on the way home with any goodies I picked up!
I also love it for school meetings because I can put my laptop in there and carry whatever I need in my La Pliage instead of my LL Bean backpack!
I can't wait to finally get my second one!


Had a Longchamp for 2 years, but recently switched to Bric's X-bag. Similar style of nylon and leather, but the straps can adjust to a cross-body for traveling, and inside there is a small clutch/cross-body that snaps in and out to be used as a pocket on the inside, or as its own bag.

Same price, just offers more options.

Julia D.

Seconding the comments of the women wanting a VEGAN Longchamp. That would be awesome. They are definitely beautiful bags though.


I like the Le Pliage bags but because they have the leather handlebar and I'm vegan, I can't purchase them. I found a faux-leather one made by Capelli NY and bought it but the zipper broke on my first trip with it. I REALLY wish Longchamp would make one for vegans=(


I have 2 Le Pliages and 2 other Longchamp bags they’ve all been in the same perfect shape me since I was 13! I’m 16 now and I’m sure they’ll last well through college! Love these bags and this blog! x