Celebrating Teachers

The Limited is currently celebrating teachers and offering a 15% discount for all teachers. As part of the celebration, The Limited partnered with various style bloggers and they asked me to participate!
I have so much respect for teachers and I definitely couldn’t say no. I think it’s great that The Limited is providing a discount for teachers right around the back to school time. How perfect? (A lot of my friends on Facebook just started their first year as teachers back in Tampa… I am loving seeing all of the pictures of their new classrooms! It puts a whole new meaning on the First Day of School!!!
As part of the partnership, The Limited sent me a dress and asked me to share a story about my favorite teacher from college!
I was super lucky throughout college and consistently had the best professors. I think professors can make or break a class, regardless of topic. (I took a Japanese Economy class, which was definitely not my strength… but the professor was so passionate about it that I ended up loving the class.)
My favorite professor at Georgetown (FYI this is difficult to choose) was my entrepreneurship professor. He was incredible. The class was three hours long and had absolutely no problem keeping the class engaged for all 180 minutes of it. Not only did he teach the course material well, but he was fantastic outside of the classroom. He truly cared about his students as individuals. He found the best speakers and we learned so much.
I was so enthusiastic about the class that I applied to be the teaching assistant for the following semester. Getting to take his class for a second time was fantastic because I got to learn even more and I got to know him a lot better.
Professor Finnerty inspired me to really pursue entrepreneurship. With his class, I learned a lot about my personal strengths (and how to deal with my weaknesses), while also learning fundamental lessons to help me build my business.

I wore the sleeveless shirtdress at work today. So many compliments… always a good thing! I also think the waistline is really flattering and the hemline is very work appropriate.

Check out The Limted’s Facebook page and specifically The Limited Teacher Tab to see more bloggers and their stories with their favorite teachers!
Who is your favorite teacher? Are you interested in becoming a teacher in the future (or now)?
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So cute, I love the dress! I've been really lucky so far in my college career to have had so many great professors, and I completely know what you mean about how a professor who is passionate about what they do can really make a class great.


I love the dress! I'm still in high school, but my AP Language & Composition teacher last year was amazing. Like your entrepreneurship professor, she was super enthusiastic about what she did (unlike some other teachers I've had) and had a great sense of humor. English isn't my favorite subject, especially when it centers around current events, but I can't say enough how much I enjoyed her class. I also asked to be a teacher assistant this year in my one free block (I chose that over going in late and sleeping in!) Great teachers can truly have an impact on their student's lives!

xx, Taylor


Adorable, now I may have to go to the limited with my mom (She's a teacher!). Teachers have one of the hardest jobs, so its great to see the appreciation!



My favorite teacher is my Criminal Justice professor. I had him my very first semester of college for Intro to CJ as an elective, which was a really hard semester for me personally. He spent extra time mentoring me about my future career and he saw how CJ just 'clicked' for me, even when I was unsure about my major. His dedication is one of the reasons I'm inspired to become a college professor when I grow up.


The Yuppie Files

Very cute! There are actually a lot of stores that offer year round teacher discounts, and its nice to know that there are more jumping on board! Us teachers have to look cute for back to school!

Julia D.

I completely agree that professors can make or break a class. I've had a few really significant teachers, five come to mind from high school and two from university. The main thing that links them all is that, as cliche as it sounds, they all taught me about life. Be it through ACTUAL lessons (high school) or encouraging passion and creativity (university), I believe I have become a better person because of who they were. I have such respect for what they do because it is such an important job, and very often thankless. I don't think I could ever do it in a formal capacity though. Love the dress!

LaurenJean Rice

I'm a third-year Elementary Education major, so I LOVE when specific stores and companies offer discounts and incentives for teachers (and students!). It makes me so excited to learn about resources I can use when I'm in the classroom. 🙂

Jessica Millis

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