Style Guide: Blair Eadie

We’ve all pretty much seen Blair Eadie’s blog Atlantic Pacific… or at least seen pictures of her and her amazing outfits pinned and tumbled. Blair’s sense of fashion is truly one of a kind.
While I think she totally rocks her outfits (and can really pull off just about anything & everything), she makes me feel super intimidated when I look in my own closet. (Anyone else agree here???) I am not brave when it comes to my own clothes. I tend to wear the same shirts and the same pants and the same skirts all the time. I mean, honestly, I wear these shorts like twice a week.
I am a huge proponent of remaining true to your own personal style and not trying to replicate someone’s outfit from head to toe. In my opinion, it will simply never work… because, well, it’s not your style. However, taking hints and cues from what inspires you (and, in this case, it may just be a fashion blogger’s awesome outfit) and morphing it into your own is a great solution. Instead of going out and buying every piece of the same outfit, I think it works better if you take bits and pieces and incorporating that into your own style!
For lack of a better example, it’s sort of like reading a self help book… There is absolutely NO way that everything in the book would be applicable to you personally. But maybe a lot of it does, or maybe just one or two things. You can still implement the things that work for you and skim past the rest.
Monogrammed Necklace | These big gold monogrammed necklaces are all the rage right now, and I definitely think we have Miss Blair to thank for bringing about that trend. I like how she wears the necklace with just about all of her outfits, preppy or trendy… and it works! I am a little jealous that her monogram spells out Bee too, what a cute nickname.
Sunnies | Maybe it’s because of where my cheeks puff out a bit, but I can never wear giant sunglasses. Blair wears hers effortlessly. (Love the Karen Walker frames.) If you’re looking for a quick, simple way to add some extra glam into your outfit, don’t forget to slip into your biggest pair of sunnies. They’re like a modern version of Old Hollywood, fashion blogger edition.
Striped Shirt | Okay, now this is something I can implement daily… Oh wait… I pretty much already do! What Blair does though, is layer and mix/match prints and patterns. Instead of pairing a striped shirt  with a basic bottom, wear a pair of bright colored jeans or (like Blair) opt for a bold floral pattern.
Utility Jacket | I used to think utility jackets looked so… masculine. But Blair shows that when paired with the right amount of girly pieces, the jackets can actually be feminine. (Even more feminine when brilliantly belted with a bright belt!)
Leather Bag | I definitely need to follow Blair’s lead on the handbag front. I am most certainly jealous of her bag collection… It’s always one of my favorite parts of her outfits! I think that when her outfits are particularly bold, she chooses a simple leather handbag. She let’s the classic shape and color speak volumes without having it clash with the rest of the outfit.
Floral Skirts | Floral prints no longer mean Laura Ashley dresses or your grandmother’s curtains. The floral prints on the market right now are very much wearable. Blair would definitely pair this floral skirt with a contrasting (but somehow still complementary) top. I, on the other hand, would probably choose a denim chambray top for a more casual look, or a button up for a dressier look.
Girly Flats | I’m one to choose simple sandals or a plain pair of ballet flats, but adding an extra element or two can take the footwear up a notch (or two). Patent leather always looks girlier and just a smidge dressier. These t-bar flats work because of the muted color. 
I decided to add this second image without the labels so you could get a better picture of the actual outfit!
Scroll through the widget below to find more pieces of Blair’s style:
What do you think of Blair’s daily outfits? Do you implement any elements of Blair’s style into your own outfits? How do you make it your own?
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Alexandra Steinmetz

I totally agree. It also doesn't help that Blair is gorgeous and has the body of a model, if I try to pull off half the looks she wears, my boobs, butt, and 5'2" height totally make me look ridiculous. I was actually just working on a post about this today!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair }

i agree! Blair is adorable, but its not very practical when dressing yourself. i like your blair themed outfits, very cute. To be honest sometimes I think she over does it with print on print on print. its just too much. less is more. Anyways super cute blog, new follower!


I love the look you pulled together- it screams Blair! And I totally know how you feel about being intimidated, but like you said, it's definitely more important to always be yourself and stick to your own style than try to copy someone else!


Just bought a "military" jacket from Old Navy today…I do LOVE how she mixes hers with florals and sparkles.

Julia D.

Wow, that outfit is stunning. If someone had told me that stripes, prints, neutrals, and a utility jacket could be paired together and not only WORK, but look feminine, I would've called them crazy. Girl definitely has major style if she can see how to make this look put together.