One of the strangest parts about living in a city is how things never change and then all of a sudden do. Everything I could ever need is basically available within a five block radius of my apartment. I used to go to this one bodega. It wasn’t necessarily the closest bodega to my apartment, but it was on the way home from the subway. I popped in all the time: for a candy bar after a bad day at work, for flowers on a beautiful day, for a newspaper on Sunday morning. It was a serious part in my routine, as I was there at least every other day. Then one day, I walked by and the doors were shuttered with an apologetic sign saying they had closed… for good.

I missed that little bodega!
The space was for sale… then it was under construction (for many, many months)… and now it’s open again. As a huge and beautiful candy store. Now, it’s not my favorite little bodega, but it’s really pretty awesome. A bizarrely bright spot on an otherwise dreary block. I love it!
If there’s one thing that growing up teaches you it’s that nothing lasts forever. Even things that feel like they will always be there… there might be a time when it’s not. I thought I’d always have the gap in my two front teeth, but it was corrected with two years of braces. I thought I’d always be best friends with someone, but the friendship didn’t last forever. My dream career was abruptly thrown to the wind when I inadvertently created my career as a 19 year old.
And truth be told, my teeth have another funny little gap when I had a growth spurt post braces. I’ve numerous other friendships bloom and fade over the years. And my career can (and will) take some serious twists and turns; I’m only 25!
This is all to say that things start, things end, things come, and things go. (One of my favorite quotations is “Change is the only constant in life.”) With all these changes there could be heartbreak, disappointment, relief… A breakup makes room for personal growth (or even “the one”). A lost job is a chance for a new one! Again, there might be sadness or even a little hole, but be ready for the new.

Who knows? Maybe a shiny, colorful candy store will be moving in its place. 

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As I've gotten older, I've noticed how fast things change as well. Something stays the same for a while and then all the sudden it's different. Change can be scary, however, I have started to realize that change can be a great thing too! Great post Carly 🙂

Prep on a Budget


Some change I love– like fall leaves or new sheets for the bed. Others, definitely harder to deal with, like switch-ups at work. Its always great to read about the positive outcomes of change, thanks Carly!

Kaitlin Olivero

I love these sweet little sentiments. And they're oh so true – change is definitely a constant. But would we want it any other way? 🙂



I don't know how I stumbled onto your blog, but this post was a great read. I also read your "Aha Moment" Great Blogging! Thanks.

Julia Jean Kennedy

I mean… a new candy store sounds absolutely AMAZING. but then again, how many more candy stores does manhanttan need? it's tough when a routine is thrown off like that.


Sometimes we are so focused on where we are heading and what we are doing, that we don't realize how temporary everything really is in the grand scheme of time. It's so important to live and embrace every moment. Life is so short after all!

Thanks for sharing, Carly! This was an awesome reminder.

XO, Chekara |

Zee Bee

At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I totally know what you mean because that bodega was on my corner. I so know what you mean because it did close down so suddenly! Anyway, I think it's so cool that we share(d) a bodega (weird, I know)