How to Find Your Aha Moment

Yes. Yes. and YES. That’s all I’m going to say about Maxie’s post… When I opened the Google doc with the draft, I was literally nodding my head in agreement.
How to Find Your Aha Moment 
by Maxie McCoy

I’m a total inspiration junkie. My version of watching TV is a marathon of Oprah episodes. I have to remind myself it’s OK to read fiction instead of personal-development books. And I’d give anything for a good moment of goosebumps.
Call it inspiration, your lightbulb moment, or even an “aha” – these experiences don’t have to be downright revolutionary. They are simply tiny doors in your mind opening to a greater understanding: of who you are, of what your purpose is, of how you relate to the rest of this big awesome universe.
If there’s one thing we all need every now and then, it’s a good aha moment. And while you can’t constantly go chasing them, you can position yourself to be primed for the lightbulb to go off. Anytime I’m in need of a little inspiration, these are my go to methods (besides Oprah of course):
Follow “coincidences”
I want to rule out the word coincidence from the English vocabulary. Coincidences are the universe trying to connect the dots for you. When you think about someone and then they call, listen to it. When you dream about someone dear to you, text them to see how they’re doing. We are so beautifully connected that these things written off as “coincidences” are actually energies trying to share something with us. It could lead you to a beautiful aha if you start paying attention.
Once upon a time, Carly and I tried (and failed) a 30-day meditation challenge. In the year plus since then, I’ve actually mastered meditation by figuring out what works for me (some ways to do this on my blog). There’s a reason that meditation is encouraged for creativity, ideas, stress-relief and so much more. In the quiet, thoughtless moments of your mind, you have an ability to connect to yourself that is so absent the rest of the day. It’ll absolutely blow your mind the clarity that comes from this. If you need an idea for a book, an answer on which design to go with, or perhaps just need direction on what to do with some drama happening, this’ll help seek those answers.
The Voice
The voice inside of my head is the loudest when I’m getting ready in the morning. And I know I’m not alone in that. Figure out when your voice (intuition, thoughts, gut) is the clearest to you and actually listen. You’ll receive encouragement and connection from within that might just open a door leading to some serious life inspo. Start paying attention to the voice instead of just letting it happen. Awareness leads you places!
Listen to your girlfriends
I’m not always the best listener, but darn-it when I do…my galpals have the BEST insights. They’re always the first ones to help me realize something I couldn’t on my own. They’re the first ones to shed light on a situation so I can see it in a completely different way. Start absorbing everything that your tribe is saying. And when something gives you that little glimpse of understanding, write it in your phone or tweet it out so you have it to reference.
Inspiration and aha moments push us to greater understanding of ourselves. And who couldn’t use more of that. Go on girl, get your aha on. 

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Taking time to reflect has been so important in learning to better understand myself. A few years ago this would have all sounded cliché and meaningless. For me, learning what it means to know who you are has been the most important development through my last years of college.

<3 mary


Great tips. It's so important to follow your instincts and take time to process a situation!